You're serious about your music. You lament the demise of vinyl. But you have to admit it's...

Audiofly 45 Series Earphone, White Knight

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  • You're serious about your music. You lament the demise of vinyl. But you have to admit it's easier to commute with an MP3 player than a record player. The AF45 Series is for the music crazed guy or girl about town. You don't have to sacrifice the nuances, depth and richness of your favorite tracks for mobility. AF 45 Series product features: Custom voiced 11mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range. With noise isolating in-ear design, for up to 23db noise attenuation. You'll get 4 sets of silicon ear tips that mold to your ears for better isolation therefore better sound. The Cordura braided cable's conductivity have been made as a twisted set, which enhances the cables resistance to electromagnetic interference. Creating a quieter cable. The AF 45 Series comes with a Micro-fibre pouch for roadworthy protection for your buds. Audiofly headphones are designed by musicians for the music purist. Never miss a beat.

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  1. LatitudeOne
    "Excellent sound quality, superb value!"
    Pros - Excellent sound quality, lightweight, comfortable, durable construction, great value
    Cons - Slightly uncomfortable at first while adjusting

    Audiofly – Never Miss a Beat

    If you’re using the Audiofly AF45 White Knight headphones, you truly will never miss a beat. From their custom Audioflex™ cable to the simple yet incredibly functional carrying case, Audiofly has definitely created a product worthy of attention.

    At a Glance: High quality earbuds with solid construction, great sound, custom fit and a tangle-free cable.

    A Quick Look

    The AF45 White Knight, second in Audiofly’s signature collection of high-quality earbuds, delivers superb sound quality and construction for its price. A tangle-free Audioflex™ cable, means that wrapping your headphones up to store them in the handily provided carrying case won’t result in a five minute fight to get them unwrapped and ready to use again (an issue I’m sure many are familiar with from cheaper headphones). Solid yet lightweight construction makes them strong enough to cart around wherever you go while staying so light sometimes you can forget they’re even there, but for the crisp and beautiful sound.


    What We Liked

    Of the earbuds I have used to date (a collection I probably couldn’t even begin to list) the AF45 White Knight delivers by far the best sound quality and comfort for their price. Ready to use straight out of the box, these headphones showcase Audiofly’s signature “old-school attention to detail”; they have truly left nothing out.

    First, sound quality: A custom voiced 11mm driver, chosen specifically for the design of the AF45, produces crisp sound across the entire sound spectrum. Producing crisp high notes, solid, ground-shaking bass, and fully voiced midrange, the driver replicates music as it is meant to be; felt, not heard. In my previous experiences with headphones, I have run into many different pairs which, while serviceable, do not do the music full justice, as they fail to capture the necessary frequencies. This AF45 is on a completely new level. More than any other earbuds I have used, they capture the music in full.

    Second, looks: From Audiofly’s custom cables to the unique branding and solid construction, the AF45 has created a look all of it’s own. Pure and simple colors contrast to make them both distinctive and alluring, from both afar and close up. The carrying case provided in the package is simple, effective, and sleek, easily holding the earbuds in a small and tangle-free enclosure, perfect for travel.

    Third, comfort: While it took a few days of wearing the earbuds to adjust to their design, a significant change from my last pair of regular earbuds, they really are quite comfortable. The first few days, I have to admit, they were less comfortable than I would have liked, but, having worn them daily for more than two weeks at this point, I can safely say that they are quite comfortable, not only for short periods but also for longer durations as well. Even after continuous use for hours I can easily forget that they are even there.

    What We Didn’t Like

    The only downside to the AF45 White Knight was that for the first two to three days of regular use they were slightly uncomfortable as my ears adjusted from my previous earbuds. Past that I truly have no complaints at all; they are excellent.

    Our Conclusion

    If you’re looking for a pair of stylish, well priced, comfortable, easy to store earbuds with great sound quality, the Audiofly AF45 is an excellent purchase.

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