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Pipelines to reduce the radiation resistance of the horn shape ● ACOUSTIC HORN (PAT.P.) adopted....

Audio Technica ATH-CK70PRO In-ear headphones

  • Pipelines to reduce the radiation resistance of the horn shape ● ACOUSTIC HORN (PAT.P.) adopted.
    Horn shaped conduit adopted radial vibration transmitted to the air, the sound propagation has been improved. More faithfully reproduced sound is transmitted to the driver, delicate expression is possible.
    Compact body fits firmly in the ear uses a newly developed vertical balanced Amachuadoraiba.
    Newly developed single-balanced vertical Amachuadoraiba. The mid-range to play with shiny loose and low on fidelity. Also available for smaller, so you can hear anyone securely attached.

Recent Reviews

  1. xer0x
    Well-balanced BA earphones with hard-hitting bass and excellent separation
    Written by xer0x
    Published Nov 2, 2010
    I upgraded from the CK7 and am very pleased with the sound on these. Much more bass extension than the CK7s, good separation, sounds very balanced overall. Reading what's been said about the CK90Pros, a lot seems to apply to the CK70Pro as well - slightly dark, very neutral, hard-hitting bass for a BA earphone. 

    They seem to have the same cables and plug as the CK90Pro (from pictures of the latter) but there is a chin slider - not a very good one, because it's slightly too loose for the thin cables, but with a bit of pinching it does its job over time. The fit is all right, I'm not quite used to the long stem on these and you definitely won't be able to lie on your side with them in your ears but otherwise they're easy to forget about. I also like the little raised dot on the left earpiece, means you can wear these without having to look at them and figure out which side goes in which ear - a nice touch.


    Interesting (and strange) point to note: I realised I am wearing these with the stock silicon earpieces about halfway down the stem of the earphone. When I pushed the earpieces down towards the base of the stem, the bass vanished and other details flattened beyond recognition. Not sure what this means, but you should definitely experiment with different earpiece positioning to get the best sound out of these.


    I auditioned the Radius DDMs, CKM90s and q-Jays before settling on these. In comparison the CKM90s sounded very hollow (similar to how another member described the mids as 'nasal'?) and the q-Jays sounded more analytical but less pleasant. Found it hard to separate the DDMs from them sound-wise but decided to go with these because of the Radius phones' strange cables, shape and poor isolation - to be fair, the Radius might have sounded better had I been able to get a proper fit, but I don't think I was...


    These are going on kakaku.com for ~140USD, IIRC, so decent mid-price option for people who want the sound signature of a typical Audio-Technica BA but demand decent bass as well. Low value score is based on RRP, which I paid (unfortunately)


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