AKG K 316 In-Ear Sports Headphones - Red Cardinal

General Information

When you want high-performance headphones that match your active lifestyle, the AKG K 316 sport headphones are the only choice. They are ultra-lightweight and feature a unique ear-hook design that keeps them in place no matter what sport you're playing. The K 316s are also extremely comfortable, perfect for everyday use. Want to hide your portable audio device when you're playing a sport? Not a problem. The K 316s have an in-line volume control that gives you full command of your sound, even when you've safely tucked your device away. Have an older iPhone? No worries. The K 316s are compatible with older versions of the iPhone, using a connector that fits perfectly without any extra adapters. The K 316s even come with a stylish and soft carrying case that protects your headphones when you're not using them. So choose your sport, and the superior AKG K 316 sport headphones will be right there with you, delivering the kind of performance that can inspire you to do your personal best. The K 316s deliver a superior personal listening experience with high output and wide dynamic range, all while staying put in your ear, no matter how active you may be. High-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to a rich 17Hz, and high frequencies extend out past 23kHz in stunning detail. The K 316's unique ear-hook design even reduces unwanted cable noise. The headphones' wide dynamic range, high output and quiet listening environment make the K 316s the perfect choice for any audio device playing today's high-definition digital sound. You can use the K 316s with your iPod, home stereo and portable DVD, CD and MP3 players as well as many other audio/video players. With their slim, tapered connector, the K 316s are compatible with all versions of the iPhone, including first-generation models, without any extra adapters. They're an ideal upgrade to any portable device. The K 316s use a hard, gold-plate


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