1. Caramon77

    Jivo Technologies JL1144

    Hi,   just bought these almost unknown IEMs from Amazon Italia. They are called also "Jivo Elements". They cost 17.90€. Could not find any specs except they are made of rosewood.   I have little experience in reviewing IEMs, i have Radiopaq Jazz and Classical (13€) , Panasonic JHE300 (27€)...
  2. simplemail1

    Earbud Kind

    It seems like this topic has been covered multiple times, but I cannot find a good answer. I'm looking for the best sound quality headphone I can workout in. As of right now I prefer them to the earbud clip-on type but adjustable so it can be a good fit (kinda deformed ears). There...
  3. AKG K 316 In-Ear Sports Headphones - Red Cardinal

    AKG K 316 In-Ear Sports Headphones - Red Cardinal

    When you want high-performance headphones that match your active lifestyle, the AKG K 316 sport headphones are the only choice. They are ultra-lightweight and feature a unique ear-hook design that keeps them in place no matter what sport you're playing. The K 316s are also extremely comfortable...