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  1. Drag0n

    Question about WA2 with W5000

    Wa2 is such that it will work with any phones.  It sounded great with Grados, and i heard the version before the power increase and after.  
  2. Drag0n

    Question about WA2 with W5000

    Ive heard it with Grado SR80, RS1, GS1000, Senn HD650, AKG 701, and it sounded great on all of them.   I never heard the 5000, so i cant comment.
  3. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

      Is it just me, or have others had a hard time posting their reviews on Monster and Amazon???   Both said there was an error and to try again later!!!     Thank God it posts here so people know i really wrote a review!!! 
  4. Drag0n

    Review: Monster Turbine Pro Copper Ear Speakers!!!

    Thanks everyone! I love them also.  After hearing the beats etc, i wasnt sure how good these would sound. The beats werent bad, but for the price i thought it could have been better.......but when i heard the Coppers, i loved them.  I like the dynamic IEMs that sound natural better than the...
  5. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones     Theres my HeadFi review.   Im going to post it now on Monster and Amazon.  :)
  6. Drag0n

    Review: Monster Turbine Pro Copper Ear Speakers!!!

      Review - Monster Turbine Pro Copper IEMs: "They sound like large floorstanding speakers!"       I was at the Spring 2010 Bayside Queens meet, and John from Monster let me listen to the  Monster Turbine Pro Copper IEMs.  I was impressed right from the start with the sound. At the end...
  7. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    I think its gonna rain saturday, so if im stuck inside, i should be able to get some writing done.  All i have is some notes so far.  I hope my pictures will post on all three forums.  
  8. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    Nice review Rawrster....ill have mine soon i hope. Been working alot.   I tell ya, i love these Ill post a review soon. :)
  9. Drag0n

    Room dampening materials

    Medical department of a store etc., get some eggcrate foam and cut as desired. They use it as a mattress pad on beds.
  10. Drag0n

    wow Wireworld's main website got hacked !?

    Expect hearing about more of this crap.  
  11. Drag0n

    Sennheiser PX 100-II Review (Pics)

    Ill have to go and listen to them somewhere now. Thanks for the review. 
  12. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    Ok , heres my review:   YA!   Ok, that about explains it.   Beat that suckuh!!!  Quote:
  13. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    Im burning in right now for a few days. Im also looking for my 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.  I have like 3 or 4 of them, and i cant find Oh wait...i just remembered where they are. I packed them in a box when i brought them to the last Funny, im looking for them over an...
  14. Drag0n

    My Review of the Monster Copper Pro Turbine Headphones

    Nice review! I think most people are pretty honest in their reviews and it has nothing to do with getting them free.  I think in my Golds review i was pretty honest, and i will be in my Coppers review as well, and they are both free for reviews.   I heard the Coppers at the NY spring meet...
  15. Drag0n

    Monster Turbine Pro Golds... No bass?

    Coppers and Golds have plenty of bass!    Maybe not bass monsters, but it kicks when it has to.  They sound great to me. Organic, natural, realistic, round.    Im not usually an IEM guy, but ill listen to these. I think Monster got them spot on!!!
  16. Drag0n

    FiiO e7 vs. Headroom Total Bit

    This may be true.    Quote:
  17. Drag0n

    Going Blind.

    Fido will be nice or it gets the hose again!  When the brightness complaints came in the beginning they did improve the contrast a bit.  It was really terrible at first,but not as bad now.....but i would still like it a bit darker really. Im getting a little more used to using the site, but...
  18. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    Im not looking to rush this review.  I did the review on the Golds a little quick i think, and i want to add a comparison between the golds and coppers also, and allow burn-in this time, which i didnt do with the golds.   I dont see a package that says comply tips.  I have 2 packs that say...
  19. Drag0n

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    They finally got here yesterday! I was out all day so i havent gotten a chance to listen to the Coppers yet.   I want to do an "out of the box" initial impression, then im going to burn them in for about 100 hours, being theyre dynamic drivers.   Then ill start the listenning, comparing...
  20. Drag0n

    A starting point

    AV40, I also have a Q40, and theres an AV 40 in the house, so i got
  21. Drag0n

    Monster Turbine Gold vs Copper

    Mushroomhead, Motorhead, Talking Heads, ?     Quote:
  22. Drag0n

    FiiO e7 vs. Headroom Total Bit

    If anyone expected a $20 amp like the E5 to actually be audiophile quality, then thats the joke really. The amp is worth the $20. For $20 i only expect so much in the first place. I wouldnt say Fiio amps are a rip-off at all.  Theyre inexpensive amps and you get what you pay for.  If you...
  23. Drag0n

    Woo Audio for RS1i's

    Woo2 is great with Grados!!!
  24. Drag0n

    A nice, "cheap" portable amp

    Fiio E5 is a total joke. You get what you pay for.  For $15-20 its not a rip off, but thats all its worth.  The Zune alone will sound better.  Better phones that are easy to drive would be a better place to put the money designated for an amp. Take the money you want to spend for the M50 and...
  25. Drag0n

    A starting point

    Go to a pro music store and check out M-Audio Q40 , if they have them where you live, or any pro powered monitor speaker. They sell for $120-135 usd.