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  1. DJShadow

    The Jeans-fi thread

    So there is life after Head-Fi I've not got into any other brands of jeans, they just seem too expensive. I pretty much only wear Levi's, some of my oldest pairs are at least 7 years old and still going with some repairs here and there. The quality control on newer Levi's (3-4 years perhaps)...
  2. DJShadow

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Ah, Modern Warfare 2, I had it a few days ago for PC and it is everything everyone said about it: lag, no map choice, lag, no determining who you play with, lag, no way of kicking abusive/offensive/cheating players oh and er lag. All of which creates a frustrating mix because you have a game...
  3. DJShadow

    Looking for tracks featuring only acoustic guitar + vocals

    Get Pink Moon by Nick Drake right now, seriously
  4. DJShadow

    The Flaming Lips: Enbryonic

    Just got Embryonic yesterday and three things I would like to say: 1) IT'S VERY LOUD!!! The drums and bass, just wow, so visceral. 2) I'm liking this much more than At War With The Mystics and it's also a very strong contender for my favourite album of 2009 3) On track 2 (The Sparrow Looks...
  5. DJShadow

    Your favorite MOON album.....not Keith (Cast Your Vote)

    Pink Moon over most albums in fact.
  6. DJShadow

    I want my hearing to be like right after I yawn all the time

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Learn how to pop your ears without opening your mouth. It's hard to describe, but you have muscles that let you open the other end of your ear canals inside your throat. I used to swim a lot when I was a kid, so I learned years ago how to...
  7. DJShadow

    The Best double albums

    Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven Can someone PLEASE tell me how they are posting images directly?! Everytime I want to show an image I use the 'Show Image' option in imageshack and it always appears as a clickable link in...
  8. DJShadow

    How's the weather in Scotland?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dan1son May I also recommend you buy proper clothing to fit their style. Don't wear tennis shoes with pants (unless they're running pants and you're running). Wear nice looking slacks (even chinos) and nice collared (or turtle neck) shirts with brown or black...
  9. DJShadow

    Albums with exceptional drumming?

    Don Caballero - Don Caballero 3 and What Burns Never Returns
  10. DJShadow

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    The lace sensors will be different from regular pickups so it's worth checking it out before buying. Anyone used/owned a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet? I have one on the way to add some life to my amp's clean channel - can't afford a Peavey Classic 30, let alone a Fender Deluxe Reverb I'm...
  11. DJShadow

    Dubstep Anyone?

    I've seen Plastician and Benga, both were great, especially Benga, my shoes are permanently scarred from that night lol. Don't actually have that much dubstep in my music collection though. Check out Skream's Watch the Ride mix, that's rather tasty, everything he does is just filthy. Burial...
  12. DJShadow

    my bad experience with eBay...

    Glad to hear it all worked out. I've had great transactions on eBay thus far so stories like yours will remind me to be cautious.
  13. DJShadow

    Greatest debut album of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fuseboxx didn't sigur ros have an album before that? Quote: Originally Posted by ZepFloyd yea...called "Von" Ahhh, I completely forgot about Von - its the only album of theirs I don't have (actually, there's also Von Brigði (Recycle...
  14. DJShadow

    Greatest debut album of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Adab My position on this is unflappable. Thank you lol Quote: Originally Posted by Effusion 2X DJ Shadow... and keeping with this, another artist that was never able to regain that initial genius... Seriously, how did they...
  15. DJShadow

    I found a lot of people here may be from china

    Quote: Originally Posted by thechungster Ah right. I wonder if I've ever seen you before in Leicester Are you at Wyggeston College? The one right next to the uni? If you see me in Leicester then it's most likely on the way to uni/the library or on a night out. Seems like a such...
  16. DJShadow

    Grizzly Bear

    Yellow House is very good, a solid 'debut' from the whole group. I'm still waiting for Veckatimest to fall in price, it's been stuck at the £8.50 mark on Amazon for ages (yes I'm a tight git). Interesting version of 'Knife': YouTube - #10.4 - Grizzly bear - The Knife 'Stillness Is The...
  17. DJShadow

    I found a lot of people here may be from china

    I'm at Leicester uni, which has a lot of international students so don't confuse me for one of them lol, from Birmingham originally though. 50% Asian?! That's insane! On the subject of Chungs, Alexa Chung who used to present T4 on Channel 4 is fittttttttttt
  18. DJShadow

    What's good enough?

    I am actually really enjoying the combination of an ipod classic and SE420, perhaps because the SE420 is a big improvement over the e4. I'm now quite satisfied with this set-up, something which I never though I'd say having downgraded from NAD c542 --> Gilmore Lite --> SA5000. In fact so much...
  19. DJShadow

    The John Zorn Thread

    Does anyone have the complete naked city collection? The remastered ones of all their albums in one box set? Its pretty hefty but it makes sense to me to get that rather than all the individual albums one by one. I can heartily recommend Live at Tonic 2001, particularly if you're looking for...
  20. DJShadow

    I found a lot of people here may be from china

    Quote: Originally Posted by thechungster *high five* for being a 鍾 So your kids are Chin-gl-ian? Awesome! I have a HK child's ID card, and in 3 years time will need a full ID card and a Sha Tau Kok premises pass for crossing the restricted section. Ooh college? Which one? Leicester...
  21. DJShadow

    Should I cancel my order for HD595? Budget £100~

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fenn sounds great but.. which ones u refering to? lol 595? AD700? Woops, I was referring to the HD 595
  22. DJShadow

    anybody tried recabling using HD650 cable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zombie_X It's easy to do but I wouldn't recommend it. The HD650 cable is known to have low grade copper and pour dialectic properties. Another problem has to do with striping the paint off of the wires them selves. Too much hassle. This is interesting...
  23. DJShadow

    Should I cancel my order for HD595? Budget £100~

    They're really good headphones, for their price I was very satisfied. But then the upgrade bug kicked in and made want even better headphones I used them for all the things you've mentioned and they sound great out of anything - you absolutely don't require (in my opinion of course) an amp to...
  24. DJShadow

    Used CDs - Question to EU residents

    Amazon's third-party sellers are very good, most of my my CDs are bought in this way. eBay is handy, just watch for sellers who are offloading a bunch of CDs at once - you can usually get a few cheap CDs where no one bids on them.
  25. DJShadow

    Buckethead's solo in Jordan is the best solo ever recorded.

    Quote: Originally Posted by DavidMahler Then there's John McLaughlin......the greatest guitarist of all time, he has the technique but he's so filled with emotion..........that's beauty. Yay someone's said the messiah himself Here he is with L. Shankar on violin in Shakti. It...