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  1. zlobby

    best DAP $100 range

    Looking to replace my xduoox3 that the headphone jack no longer works. I tried to solder it and could not fix it. Hard to keep up with all the DAPs coming out or existing. Looks like some contenders are FiiO m7 FiiO m6 Shanling m0
  2. zlobby

    Replacement DAP for my xduoo x3

    I have been relatively happy with my xduoo x3. I think ive had it for a few years and it has just died on me. I am looking for a replacement DAP. I know that there are probably a lot of advancements made since this unit came out. I am not looking for anything in particular. I was happy with...
  3. zlobby

    best closed back for gaming under $200

    I haven't followed headphones much in the past 5 years. Still happy with my current setup. Posting for my brother who is looking for a set of cans that are closed back, over ear, under $200. Mostly used for gaming, some music. He does not have an amp.
  4. zlobby

    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    I am looking to replace my gen5 ipod running rockbox. lol. I am interested in obscure chinese daps and the walnut looks tempting but i need something with a screen and decent storage space (the gen 3 looks like it still has issues to work out. All of my library is flac. I don't necessarily have...
  5. zlobby

    best current bang for buck dap

    I am looking to replace my gen5 ipod running rockbox. lol. I am interested in obscure chinese daps and the walnut looks tempting but i need something with a screen and decent storage space. All of my library is flac. I don't necessarily have a set price, but just looking for what is currently...
  6. zlobby

    Looking for a no frills turntable

    I have been purchasing more and more vinyl and am looking to replace my old pioneer turntable. I have an older Rotel preamp that is working fine. I have no interest in USB recording or anything of that nature. I just want a nice, bare bones, great sounding kit. I have no problem purchasing...
  7. zlobby

    plugging in 2 sets of headphones bottlehead crack

    I have a bottlehead crack. I was wondering if it would be possible to plug in two sets of headphones via a splitter and not damage anything. The cans i would be using are senn hd600 and beyer dt880 600s.
  8. zlobby

    Looking for headphone for my commute

    I take the train every morning to work and am looking for some headphones to get me through the monotony. I have a very nice setup for home and don't really need or expect that level of detail when im commuting. I don't want to have to invest in an amplifier. Something cheap (less than $50)...
  9. zlobby

    Need help with home theater options

    Well, actually my brother in law needs help. They just moved into a new house and he's looking for some speakers for a home theater. He has points he can use on a couple sites which gives him these three for his top options...
  10. zlobby

    emu 0404 alternative

    bueller..... bueller........ bueller......
  11. zlobby

    emu 0404 alternative

    I use my Emu 0404 usb as both my headphone DAC and recording interface, but over the year or so that i've owned it, I cannot get it to play well with my win 7 64 bit system. It is always popping and clicking. I've literally tried everything. Can anyone recommend a replacement, that can act as...
  12. zlobby

    Chi-Uni-Fi 5 2011 Chicago Area Headphone event impressions!!!

    Here you go Ray, makes the photos a little more friendly to view.    
  13. zlobby

    need recording interface with good DAC, suggestions?

    Im going to bump this, my 0404 is just not working.  The drivers will never be updated and I cannot get rid of clicks and pops with windows 7x64 for the life of me. 
  14. zlobby

    MAX Sound HD, can someone explain this?   After watching the spider man sample, i agree it sounds "better" to my ears, but i am not sure why.  There is no way a 128kbps mp3 is going to sound better than the lossless file.  Maybe im missing something. 
  15. zlobby

    "ChiUniFi 5" the Official and Annual Chicago area Headphone Get-together November 12th 2011

    Ill be there this year.  Had a great time last year and got try out some awesome systems.  For what i can bring this year...   Emu 0404 usb Bottlehead crack Senn hd-600 beyerdynamic dt880 600ohm
  16. zlobby

    Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

    Is there anyway that this program or similar can be used in conjunction with an ipod?  Mine is running rockbox right now.
  17. zlobby

    flat response and good isolation?

    I am looking for a portable that has a flat response and good isolation.  I am used to my hd600s and dt880s, but i dont want to use those in public.  I listen to a wide variety of music, anything from jazz, electro, rock, r&b etc...  I have to take the subway to work every morning and dont want...
  18. zlobby

    Which IEMs for a subway commute?

    im open to suggestions outside of the etymotics.  I just though it would be something to throw out there since I do have the discount.  
  19. zlobby

    Which IEMs for a subway commute?

    I just got a job where I am spending over an hour on the subway each way on the commute.  Most of my listening is done at home and I have a great home setup, but know nothing of IEMs.  I want something that will cut out a lot of the train noise, as it can get quite loud.  I dont want be one of...
  20. zlobby

    Best Soldering Kit < $75

    Not the best, but for $15, you cant beat it.   I am very happy with mine.  Just buy some extra tips and you should be good to go.  
  21. zlobby

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

      Quote: How do you like the profi?  I was considering getting a pair.
  22. zlobby

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper tube to roll with?  While i'd love to spend $150 for a GEC, its just not in the funds.  
  23. zlobby

    Chicago Mini Meet - Saturday May 14th

    I plan on attending.  I can bring a bottlehead crack (sans speedball, perhaps some would like to A/B them), emu 0404 usb, as well as HD600 and beyer dt880/600.