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  1. Nisbeth

    Amplifier DC Offset question

    Ahem, you do know what DC offset is and why it is standard practice to keep it as close to zero as possible - right?
  2. Nisbeth

    Angstrom Stella Headphone Amplifier

    Haven't been here for a while, but is this the state of high-end audio today?? Nearly $14k for something that isn't even built on proper PCBs?? And plywood side panels to disguise that the enclosure is something you can buy for a DIY-project for around $100 from Equally amazed and...
  3. Nisbeth

    Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

    A little bit at the bottom of the volume range perhaps - what's the approximate position of your volume control when you listen?.   It's not uncommon for small volume pots like those used by Stax for the 252 amplifier to have tracking errors in the lower end of the range. If you can, find a...
  4. Nisbeth

    Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

    Ahh, thanks. Thought some dealer was clearing out their last inventory of the old models at that price    /U.
  5. Nisbeth

    Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

      Can I ask where?   /U.
  6. Nisbeth

    The Stax Thread III

      Agree with your comments regarding electrostatics, but remember that "burn-in" (= changes in electrical parameters after initial use) is very real and very measurable for loudspeaker drivers, so it stands to reason that a dynamic headphone transducer could well exhibit the same. HOWEVER, (in...
  7. Nisbeth

    Discrete Logic ABX Switch Box

    Related question: Does anyone know how to implement ABX-logic in a microcontroller (like Arduino) which could then control relays for input selection?   /U.
  8. Nisbeth

    Post pics of your builds....

    Looks good! Really like that chassis design :-)   /U.
  9. Nisbeth

    Pioneer U-05 USB DAC/amp with dual ES9016

    Fixed this for you :D   /U.
  10. Nisbeth

    Stax SRM-323s How to convert the 100Volt to a 240Volt   /U.
  11. Nisbeth

    Is anyone building the KGSSHV?

    Sent you a PM.   /U.
  12. Nisbeth

    Post pics of your builds....

    Not really a "build" yet, but it will come. No prizes for guessing what it is going to be though ;)     /U.
  13. Nisbeth

    Is anyone building the KGSSHV?

    I recently had some KGSSHV and PSU boards made (latest onboard version) and have a couple of pairs left over, so PM me if you need a pair.     /U.
  14. Nisbeth

    o2 DIY amp Failure

    If you give up that easily, you may want to find a different hobby straight away...   If not, then first:   - Short the input to ground and measure DC offset on the output - Remove the socketed ICs and measure the supply voltages with respect to ground.   and then post here what you get...
  15. Nisbeth

    Schottky Barrier Diode substitution? (Need help with parts selection)

    The only function here is reverse polarity protection. The reason for choosing a schottky diode is that it has lower voltage drop, so while a standard diode could be used it might impact your perceived battery life (because lower voltage = risk of signal clipping). /U.
  16. Nisbeth

    240V audio GD-DAC - can it work in the USA?

    You'd need a step-up transformer unless you can switch the supply to 110V internally. Do you have any pics of the inside?   /U.
  17. Nisbeth

    Changing Voltage Setting of Larocco PSR

    Remove both jumpers and mount one of them turned 90deg on the left side pins instead. This switches the primary windings from parallel (115V//115V) to serial (115V+115V = 230V).     /U.   EDIT: Check the board for any descriptions of fuse ratings as that should be changed as well.
  18. Nisbeth

    Post pics of your builds....

    An updated classic - opamp and BUF634 based headamp/preamp :-)       Eagle files available for download from my blog if anyone's interested.   /U.
  19. Nisbeth

    Post pics of your builds....

    Not a completed build but still...   A board for a stereo buffer based on the old (ancient?) BUF03 buffer. Some may know this as "Aunt Corey's buffered passive pre" or the Pawliw buffer :)       More detailed writeup in my blog :D   /U.
  20. Nisbeth

    The "Ampduino" project

    Finished testing my L293 driver PCB and that seems to be OK as well :D         /U.
  21. Nisbeth

    The "Ampduino" project

    Prototype boards are in and (so far) seem to be working well...         Blog updated as usual :)   /U.
  22. Nisbeth

    The "Ampduino" project

    Well, since no one complained, I have ordered some boards :D We'll see how this works out in a couple of weeks ;)   /U.
  23. Nisbeth

    The "Ampduino" project

    Interesting idea (and an interesting device, which I didn't know about). I tried putting the ADUM-chip on the board, but is doesn't really work. Instead, I designed a small breakout module based on the datasheet circuit. This could be soldered to the Ampduino board via an angled header or just...
  24. Nisbeth

    The "Ampduino" project

    Since I finally realised that even I could probably benefit from incorporating a little bit of software in my otherwise purely hardware-based projects, I have been toying with the idea of building a more generic controller that could be used for many different audio projects. Obviously this is...
  25. Nisbeth

    Dsavitsk/Beezar Torpedo Build Thread

    Quote: +10    /U.