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    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    This Australian company only accepts bank transfer/wire transfer payments. They dont accept paypal or credit card. I dont feel comfortable with this.
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    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    guys, i found a deal on which offers wadia 121 for $999. Do you think its credible or not?
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    Quote: Originally Posted by ATHFAN铁三角饭 they are absolutely two HP,I will wirte article about them,please just wait to tell you easilly PS1 like GERMANY sound THEN PS1000 like american sound because PS1 is only specilly made for german Professional use!At first ONLY FOR German,but for...
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    HD600s Too Bright; HD650 or New Amp?

    Try back to Hd600 cable, the HD650 cable is not a good friend of HD600s Based on my experience, HD600 with 650 cable is suck combo.
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    Audio-gd FUN

    Quote: Originally Posted by slim.a Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will be testing the Audio-gd FUN in a few days. I will be able to make comparisons with the dac-100 (Compass DAC), dac-19mK3 and C2C that I already have. Awesome, hoping to read it soon. I am...
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    musical fidelity x-can v8

    I remember it was about $500 on Music Direct. You could find a pre-owned one for about $350
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    Need advice of CD player

    That seems a big problem. The transport is not a low cost. Now I am wavering among these: Meridian 506.20 (it is a little out of my budget) Rega Apollo (Someone might give me an offer) Myryad z110 (This seems a old machine,and much cheaper) NAD c545/542 Music Hall cd25.2(Could...
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    Need advice of CD player

    Quote: Originally Posted by AdamWysokinski While Meridian makes pretty decent sources, I would avoid its older players as I've heard that transports for older Meridians are difficult to find and may be a bit expensive. Thank you, man. But what do you mean by "older"? Do you mean...
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    Need advice of CD player

    I really appreciate you guy's help. I tend to buy a CD player around 500 bucks. A friend suggest the 506.20, since he has the 508.24. He believes 506.24 should pretty good for me, but he is not sure the 20bit version. Little dot transport seems a pretty good option. But that means I need...
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    Need advice of CD player

    Hello, everybody: I originally aim at PC hifi, but as a student, I was limited to have both audio interface & DACs because of my low budget. Now I have decided to buy a CD player instead since the CD player might give me a much greater improvement than do the DACs of same price. My budget...
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    Reccomodation of a laptop system for k701 under 800 bucks.

    I don't think D10 is good for you. You know it is basic portable amp/dac I can't give any advice about dacmagic. It confuses me either. But for the amp, you might take Heed CanAmp into your consideration. I heard that it might be suitable for 701s......
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    Is a DAC necessary?

    If your budget is limited, you might get a DAC first cus source seems more important than amp for 702. I am not saying amp is not necessary, but compared to 701, 702 seems easier to drive.
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    Reccomodation of a laptop system for k701 under 800 bucks.

    I definitely have the same problem with you: the lower budget of 700 bucks, laptop system with K701, a chinese guy either.......I was even unwilling to buy the compass for the same reason! I now am thinking about the combo of MF v-dac, and MF v-can v8. You might consider them as well. I...