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  1. hellopanda

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    I guess all the technical stuff are covered. How about aesthetically having more colors like champagne Gold or bright Red replaceable casings?
  2. hellopanda

    The iQube Enigma (Review Updated)

    Yeah.. It's almost impossible not to get the SM-i after trying. So, if u don't intend to buy the SM-i.... DON'T EVEN TRY! Victor, any intention to sell your pouch creation? I'm not really impressed with the hippocase.
  3. hellopanda

    The iQube Enigma (Review Updated)

    Well.... those are definitely the SM-i cables. I used to own the Silver ref, but I'm real glad that I had the chance to audition the SM-i. For those who are skeptical about cables, ( i used to be one of them ), you should give this cable a try. By the way, I'm also using the Iqube & SM-i, that...
  4. hellopanda

    ipod, low leakage, must be able to hear the phone ring

    Koss portapro or Grado SR-60.
  5. hellopanda

    Which headphones?

    Ultrasone Ed9 would be a good contender.
  6. hellopanda

    I need new headphones - up to $300?

    Audio-technica ATH-W1000 closed headphones.... extremely comfortable and no amplification required.
  7. hellopanda

    Good Portable Amp?

    The I-qube is also a fantastic amp that is ultra transparent and natural which further enhances the layering soundstage and separation of the 701
  8. hellopanda

    iBasso D2 Boa and Head Direct LOD for ipod

    I'm using an ipod classic in WAV + Ety 4P + IQUBE connected with the ULTIMATE LINK SILVER MASTER-i. An extremely flexible silver braided cable with Siltech solder. Since I'm a very rugged user.... having dropped my ipod 4 times & broke down an ALO cable, the UL silver master-i is definitely an...
  9. hellopanda

    Are Etty's still good?

    Still love every bit of my 4P even with the arrival of those triple drivers.
  10. hellopanda

    BitHead Question (iBosso)

    I'm using the Ibasso D2 BOA and still a very happy owner.... Lots of dynamics and punch without the muddiness and good vocals.
  11. hellopanda

    earmax pro and gs1000

    I've got the Earmax Silver Edition and it was a great combo with the Audiotechnica series like W1000, W5000 or AD1000 / AD2000. It also have good synergy with the Sennheiser 595/600/650. It didn't sounded too fantastic with most grado in my opinion as it sounded very lean and lack soundstage.
  12. hellopanda

    headphone amp under $230

    I got the Ibasso D2 Boa at 145USD from...STEREO -
  13. hellopanda

    [recommendations wanted] IEM for airline travel

    Audio-technica ANC3 85% noise-cancelling earphones. Most noise-cancelling earphones don't sound too fantastic.... Surprisingly, ANC3 was pretty decent.
  14. hellopanda

    Best Exercise headphones?

    Try to avoid earphones or headphones with sponges coz likely your perspiration will "eat" it up. SONY just launched some good Sports earphones which had very good grip. Most of the models that I tried was pretty good.
  15. hellopanda

    Portable Amp. Charging Question

    The computer usb may take a longer time to charge due to a usb hub or u may have more than one usb device connected. It's always a good idea to charge with a direct power charger.
  16. hellopanda

    ok, final decision time.

    I had tried the D2 Boa with the AKG 601 and Sennheiser HD600... They sounded pretty efficient. Good amp at that price range!
  17. hellopanda

    to amp SE530 or not to amp

    With the I-qube, it'll definitely makes the SE530 more natural and transparent.
  18. hellopanda

    Got my Koss PortaPro's today!

    The Norm is abt 100 hrs.
  19. hellopanda

    Ibasso P2

    U can try
  20. hellopanda

    Itching to buy an amp!

    How about the Ibasso D1 or D2 BOA?
  21. hellopanda

    I got my e6is!

    I felt that foamies are still the best. Try the Shure Black Olives, at least they don't look so gross after some time.
  22. hellopanda

    where to buy iBasso D1?

    It's still available in Singapore. In fact, I heard that they were shipping out 4 D1 to Australia yesterday while I was trying out some earphones.STEREO -
  23. hellopanda

    Ibasso D2 Boa . . . new and smaller . . . with updates on 1st page. .

    Just got my BOA today. Not run-in yet but boy..... sounds fantastic for that price!
  24. hellopanda

    q-jays compared to Er6i

    Quote: Originally Posted by majurglery well, now that i have some money, im in the market for a new set of IEMs, and i wanted to know how the q-jays compare to the 6is. I really like the 6i sound signature, but i want something with a little for bass umph. I really love the details that...