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  1. split_brain

    Doom Metal

    Try Unholy and Thergothon from Finland. Worship is quite dark funeral doom also.
  2. split_brain

    my new HD650 sounded awful... but not anymore! (updated title)

    Chill out man. Your brain is just in maniac overdrive from all the excitement and constant thinking about speakers that are strapped to your head. Live with it for a bit and your mind will adjust. Oh yeah, dedicated amp always helps.
  3. split_brain

    searching for super melodic black metal (dimmu borgir style)

    Good to hear PWilson. Check out their subsequent two full-lengths. Not as good as their debut though, which holds more spirit and artistry in 1 song than a great majority of 'black' metal bands. This band is no longer.
  4. split_brain

    searching for super melodic black metal (dimmu borgir style)

    Sacramentum - far away from the sun. OP will probably dislike this release though.
  5. split_brain

    Want more folk metal!

    Graveland - Carpathian Wolves
  6. split_brain

    The "Lo-Fi" Thread

    demo tapes from hell.
  7. split_brain

    Which high quality full-size headphones have the most BASS!!!

    MOAR BASS! kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill,kill, kill, kill, kill.
  8. split_brain

    Recommed me some creepy metal

    burzum - hvis lyset tar oss graveland - in the glare of burning churches beherit - drawing down the moon nightbringer - death and the black work
  9. split_brain

    Worst band names

    ^^ the doors of perception by Aldous Huxley.
  10. split_brain

    'We're sorry. Grado doesn't allow shipping to where you live'

    Just go for Alessandro or purchase used from the 'for sale' forums here. Damn, that photo of Venice is interesting. Looks like it's really about to go under.
  11. split_brain

    Worst band names

    c.unt butcher
  12. split_brain


    Only death is real.
  13. split_brain

    Absolutely need more meshuggah sounding tech-death

    Meshuggah sucks.
  14. split_brain

    MS-2 (MS-2i) appreciation thread

    MS2i is maybe a little bit less revealing than the HD650. However with distorted guitars the MS2i outshines the HD650 on certain albums. MS2i doesn't go as deep as the HD650 (bass) but it has great impact. Fast transients also. Don't know how it compares to the HD580 though as I've never heard...
  15. split_brain

    Which one will it be: Sennheiser 650 or Beyerd 880 or AKG 702?

    HD650 has more prominent mid-bass than the DT880. They both dig deep though. The HD650 seemed to have more impact than the 880. Both great headphones, an amp is a must. I was running HD650 from my PC and it sounded like a total turd. Never heard the AKG so can't comment.
  16. split_brain

    Suggestions for someone sucked into this money-sucking lifestyle

    Alessandro headphones are only 32ohms so most amps can run them easily.
  17. split_brain

    Albums you look forward to in 2009

    Beherit - engram Diocletian - doom cult Ignivomous - death transmutation Nightbringer - apocalypse sun Molested - blodraum, stormvold re-release Ungod - circle of the seven infernal pacts re-release Grave Miasma - 'full length'
  18. split_brain

    Which open cans are liquid?

    Yep HD650. If you remove the foam covering you will get a more lively sound at the expense of some smoothness.
  19. split_brain

    Sennheiser HD 650 : First Impressions

    I reckon you should buy a decent source and start collecting albums/records. MP3 is not bad but there's something special about a proper collection of records.
  20. split_brain

    Help with a reference audiophile grade setup

    And don't forget really expensive cables and interconnects. An old audioman said 'the quality of the electricity your feeding to the setup is 50% of where good sound comes from'.
  21. split_brain

    Headphones for METAL???

    Alessandro MS2i. They are a Grado 325i with a bit more neutrality built in. They also ship outside the US so they are easy to acquire. Also, check the head-fi 'for sale' forums. You can always get good stuff there for less money.
  22. split_brain

    Anyone mod their headphones for comfort?

    Never. Not once. You eventually just become adjusted to them.
  23. split_brain

    Where are your top ten artists/bands from?

    Australia, USA, Europe.
  24. split_brain

    Grado SR325i vs. SR325is --audible difference?

    It's a bummer you didn't get it cheaper. Used is always a good option.