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  1. For Sale  JDS Labs ODAC rev.B

    114.00 EUR
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    1. Europe
    For sale: JDSLabs objective DAC rev B. The DAC has been used only by me, and always worked flawlessly. I'm selling due to lack of use. (includes USB Cable)
  2. hcabrita

    Trinity Audio - Phantom Master 4 in-ears - problem with the connectors

    Hello, I've really enjoyed the sound when I was able to use these, but unfortunately the proprietary connector (see picture) between cable and in-ear is not connecting anymore on one of the in-ears. Is there anyone with some tips on how I could try and solve this? The headphones are these...
  3. hcabrita

    USB DAC for PC (Win 10) + Bluetooth w/ LDAC transmitter

    Thanks for the tip, got one of those and it works fine. windows 10, also locked to 16/48kHz. I wonder if anyone got this to work with higher bitrates.
  4. hcabrita


    received a pair of PM4's, and am now listening to them. I come from Hifiman RE400's.   How much time do you guys account for burn-in normally?
  5. hcabrita

    Wine Ethusiasts: Cork? Rubber? Screw Cap?

    You guys should come and visit Portugal, the best place to drink quality wine. Not that I'll argue it is better than other wines or anything, it is just that wine over here is dirt cheap. with 3Euros you get preety good wine, and if you start spending a bit more (from 10€ up), very good wine...
  6. hcabrita

    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    Hello there.   My Hifiman RE-400's cable is visibly damaged, and I'm looking to try a rewire.   Could you please tell me if there's a topic where I can find some sort of list of companies / persons that offer rewire servies (Europe)?   Thanks in advance.   BR
  7. hcabrita

    Nexus 5 Sound Quality?

    Thanks.   I'll lookup that thread, since it's a very interisting solution to have a dac working with the phone.
  8. hcabrita

    Nexus 5 Sound Quality?

    Would like to hear some thoutghs about connecting an external DAC to the nexus 5. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  9. hcabrita

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music PCI VS Soundblaster Live! 24bit External

    Hello, Gaming is not the main use of the HTPC. Once in a while I do play a little bit, but nothing that would make me loose sleep over the gaming sound.   I use the HTPC 50%/50% between movies+tv shows / music. The main concern for sound quality would be in the stereo áudio, for music...
  10. hcabrita

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music PCI VS Soundblaster Live! 24bit External

    Hello,   Thanks for the reply, I'll look into that.   Anyway, the main thing I'm looking to improve is the stereo sound quality. The soundboard is used to listen to music and watch movies/shows with a 2.0 setup. So, surround features, etc., aren't really what I'm looking to improve...
  11. hcabrita

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music PCI VS Soundblaster Live! 24bit External

    Hello everybody.   I currently run an HTPC with external soundboard - Soundblaster Live! 24bit external. Have the chance of buying a X-Fi Extreme Music PCI for around 15€ to substitute the 24bit external.   Do you think it's worth the trouble?   Thanks
  12. hcabrita

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Hey nice setup!!!!   What lamp is that? it looks great.   regards.
  13. hcabrita

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    These where the "translucid" cables I was talking abou. What kind of cable do you use? how do you make this?   It looks really great! Quote:
  14. hcabrita

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    This question must have been answered in one of the 10.000.000. pages of this topic, but here it goes anyway:   - what cable is the tranlucid one, that are you guys using for dyi stuff (on this page for example)?     regards hcabrita
  15. hcabrita

    Win a Sennheiser AMPERIOR and limited edition vinyls!

    Done. Thanks and good luck with the research.
  16. hcabrita

    100€ computer speakers

    Hello,   I've got a friend who's not that much into music. I believe she isn't because she lacks sound quality, since she only listens to music through her imac's g5 built in speakers.   So I'm set on an endeavour of making her listen more eheheh (double meaning lol).   Could you...
  17. hcabrita

    [Impression] FiiO E10

    Desktop - Fiio E10 - Sennheiser HD555's
  18. hcabrita

    DAC+Amp, or just AMP

    Thanks for all your help. I did some more research (who would tell...) and I finally decided to get a Fiio E10 (cheaper solution). My head was already spinning for tube amps, and more expensive stuff, so I went the opposite way and spent the less I could to try and get some decent sound out of...
  19. hcabrita

    DAC+Amp, or just AMP

    Hey there.   Thanks for the nice feedback. I guess maybe I already knew the answer to my question. I feel like I need more power to the sound my external soundcard gives me, and maybe with and external "cheap" DAC+Amp I won't get much more detail to the sound. I feel like the right...
  20. hcabrita

    DAC+Amp, or just AMP

    Hello.   I'm currently running a pair of Sennheiser HD555's out of my computer. I have an external soundcard, Creative Labs Live 24 bit external (pretty old one for the record), and this week I started wondering how could I get better sound out of my pc. Looked around, and found out...
  21. hcabrita

    E10, new USB DAC ( updated with photos of real E10 )

    Thanks for the replys!   Anyway, if only I could experiment with both equipments before buying. Or even just take a look at the DAC and AMP specs of the Line 6 UX1, and compare them with the FIIO E10's.  
  22. hcabrita

    E10, new USB DAC ( updated with photos of real E10 )

    And what about people who got it, are you happy with the results?   Only for music listening, what do you think of an audio interface like the, versus a FIIO E10? I looked it up on the internet and it seems the Line 6 interface does the DAC and the...
  23. hcabrita

    E10, new USB DAC ( updated with photos of real E10 )

    It's strange because it doesn't show up on ebay's search...  
  24. hcabrita

    E10, new USB DAC ( updated with photos of real E10 )

    Sorry for the re-post, just found out that Advanced MP3 sells the Fiio E10. Any feedback on this webstore?   By the way, do you think a Fiio E10 will sound better with the Sennheiser HD555 Headphones, opposing to an external sound card, the Creative Labs live 24 bit external...
  25. hcabrita

    E10, new USB DAC ( updated with photos of real E10 )

    Do any of you knows where to get a Fiio E10 in Europe (online shop) ?