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  1. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    hi acidx, thx for the suggestions: are the k phones akgs? what is the difference between the 240df and mkII plus aren't the newer ones the akg k242 and k272? i'm leaning toward the akgs as they have a good price/performance ratio in europe at the moment and look really comfy.
  2. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    i just don't think they sound natural. i've not made my mind up yet. it's just that akgs are really cheap at the moment. i can get a new akg 702 for €220 ($305), but i am a bit worried if my turtle beach audio micro will cope.
  3. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    i didn't like the sound signature of the 650. dt770 nice bass but sounded muffled overall. the hd280 and hd448 seem to be step down from my old sony 7506 just checked and found a cheap akg k272 55ohm for €130
  4. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    perhaps i should add that i have owned the hd650 and dt770 and didn't like either
  5. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    are the hd25-1-ii and the akg k242 rubbish compared to the dt880 32ohm, as the latter is twice as expensive as the former two. i only want to use these to listen to voice podcasts when i'm in bed.
  6. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    thanks for the suggestion, but wouldn't my mp3 player struggle with 600ohms or do beyer have a version that can be driven by an mp3 player
  7. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    what model?
  8. astranovus

    looking for neutral headphones

    hi, i'm looking for some comfortable neutral headphones, that are non-iem based with little clampforce. i have been using a sony 7506 for the last 5 years and liked its tonal character, but want something different due to the cups not being comfortable. (i am not interested in the beyer...
  9. astranovus

    rate: sony nwz-b135

    how good do you guys think the sony nwz-b135 is in terms of sound quality? sounds good with my sony mdr-7506. i'm thinking about getting some sennheiser ie8s, will this tiny sony player do them justice? all i want is a tiny 2gb flash player, are the small sony flash players...
  10. astranovus

    akg 701 with HeadRoom Total BitHead

    can i run an akg 701 off a HeadRoom Total BitHead with good results or is it too weak to drive these cans? i have already got the bithead and have been using it for 2 years with a sony mdr-7506, which isn't a bad combo imho
  11. astranovus

    Choosing DJ Headphones

    i've got the sony 7506s, which paul van dyk uses. i believe the consumer version of these cans are the v600s they are pretty good at their price point
  12. astranovus

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Rockbox?

    Quote: Originally Posted by itim100 Some "real" advantages of rockbox that should be mentioned are that rockbox can play a much wider range of codecs, and that it allows for UMS compatible transfer of songs (and anything else). For some of us, control is important, and transcoding...
  13. astranovus

    technics dj phones - soundquality?

    how good is the soundquality of the technics dj headphone series, they look stylish enough for use as portable cans. if they are no good then i'm sticking to my 7506
  14. astranovus

    suggest a line-out adpater for 2nd gen nano

    hi, i'm looking for a line-out adpater for my 2nd gen nano, are the standard ones any good soundqualitywise? i.e. sendstation
  15. astranovus

    iMod vs. Minidisc sound quality

    Quote: Originally Posted by JT22 Thanks for the advice But just one more quick question, which would sound better? An RH1 or ipod 5G through the lineout? Thanks. i've tested both, the rh1 is prob the best sounding porti there is, no hiss even with my cx300s, which hiss badly...
  16. astranovus

    what headphones is paul van dyk wearing in this pic?

    great stuff, i hope we get more interesting stories as this unfolds i'm still waiting for duggeh
  17. astranovus

    what headphones is paul van dyk wearing in this pic?

    could be, hope somebody can help as i've never seen anything like these before i think they were in the video to "we are alive"
  18. astranovus

    what headphones is paul van dyk wearing in this pic?

    what headphones is paul van dyk wearing in this pic? they are massive and i have never seen them anywhere else before. if anybody knows, i reckon it'll be duggeh, :-)
  19. astranovus

    Apple lossless glitch on 4g ipod when using dbpoweramp.

    why don't you just use itunes? there are no differences in the lossless files that itunes and dbpoweramp produce, by using itunes you are asking for less trouble
  20. astranovus

    Initial listening of "gapless" playback on iPod 5G

    Quote: Originally Posted by cmirza Does iTunes append the mp3s with 'gapless' data or does it keep that info external from the mp3s. I keep SFV checksums for all my mp3 albums and don't want iTunes 7 'corrupting' all my mp3s. i'd also like to know this! anybody tested whether...
  21. astranovus

    Official K-81 DJ thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyKarma I finally made the plunge, my roommate goes to bed around midnight and I usually stay up until 3-4am, and my HD555s were just leaking too much sound I bought the K81DJ from ebay for $59 + $8 shipping... I can't wait to try them out! do all...
  22. astranovus

    Any MiniDisc lovers?

    the rh1 does sound fab, got rid of mine tho as the transfer speeds on sonicstage suck, just ordered the new 8gb nano
  23. astranovus

    Just received [...] iGrados

    Quote: Originally Posted by Beagle 1) What was originally the idea behind the design with the headband going around the back of the head (on street-style headphones)? if you seriously want an answer, to keep your hairstyle intact, if you like me use gel in the morning to chrome...
  24. astranovus

    Initial listening of "gapless" playback on iPod 5G

    i think apple gapless has problems with vbr files