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  1. Budley007

    Head-Fi Wallpaper

    Wow ...6+ years!!!   Okies, bad news is, is that the original jpeg(s) are somewhere, on some DVD, in some box, in some stack at my storage facility. The good news is that I have all the original stock photos I used to create the wallpaper on my backup drive at the house. So if you guys are...
  2. Budley007

    Can speakers located near a fridge have any effect magnetetic distortion effect?

    Provided the speakers are shielded, you should be okay, but another problem that folks tend to ignore is power isolation.  Make sure you use a power outlet that is independent of any appliances running with an initial surge amperage, (i.e. refrigerators, Air Conditioners, etc...) For about a...
  3. Budley007

    Amarra - anyone using it?

    Quote: You may be correct, but I'd wager it's because this software is Mac only.  Like it or not, there's a significant number of us Windows users that are "culturally" and financially chained to our hardware/software investments.  I wish I could afford both.
  4. Budley007

    Epic symphonic work (Sound tracks, Classical, etc)

     Maybe O/T without the choral presence, but a worthy addition to anyone's soundtrack library. It's been over played a bit and "covered" on a few trailers and documentaries, but popular for a reason. I recommend the entire soundtrack if you have a mind to peruse it.  
  5. Budley007

    How to get digital playback out of the e-mu 1212m patchmix?

    This address has some fundamental instructions for various configurations. Might help you out.
  6. Budley007

    Maple Tree Audio Ear+ HD250 Amp !

    Just for FYI purposes, my HD250 is dead quiet with Grado HF-2s. Even though low impedance cans may exacerbate an existing hum-problem, they "should" perform flawlessly with a HD250 by design.
  7. Budley007

    Maple Tree Audio Ear+ HD250 Amp !

    Well, been listening to mine, (#6), for a couple of weeks now. Still only got about 40 hours on it, but the SQ hasn't changed much, if at all since I got it. This amp is dead quiet, with no hum and haven't yet heard any tube microphonics with handling or the occasional bump. I have some...
  8. Budley007

    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy Somebody did it and started a current thread - but his result looked raggy to me. I'd also thought of it ages ago but was afraid the an "amateur-looking" result. Never came up with a way to do it that would prompt risking a pair of them. I never...
  9. Budley007

    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by azncookiecutter Squishing the jumbos a bit also helps the sound quite a lot. I put my pair between 2 physics textbooks (nice and heavy, works wonderfully) for a couple days, and it does bring the drivers closer to your ears by a little bit, and makes all the...
  10. Budley007

    foobar sadness a bug

    A playlist is only an index pointer. If they were erased, then you were not copying a playlist.
  11. Budley007

    “Beats by Dr. Dre”

    Quote: Originally Posted by hwsnell It seems like alot of the anti-Beats argument revolved around the roll-out MSRP. I just got a pair of new (full-size) Beats by Dr. Dre for $220 at Amazon. For portable use on an ipod without amp what would sound better for the money? If you go...
  12. Budley007

    Solder flux paste?

    Sounds like you had a cold joint. Cold joints will, a lot of times, pop loose with some flexing and pulling. Look for cloudy or gray dull solder around the connection. A good joint has a mirror-like finish throughout and is tougher than most people initially assume.
  13. Budley007

    Little DOT MK III Mods??

    I doubt that I will ever own one of these amps. Nevertheless, this thread has been both enjoyable and informative. Thank you very much for your effort and time, folks.
  14. Budley007

    Maple Tree Audio Ear+ HD250 Amp !

    Well, Dr. Peppard confirmed the receipt of my deposit last night for the HE250. Think I'm #6 in the queue. I hate you guys.
  15. Budley007

    MHDT Havana DAC

    Being an ex-Navy man, I've had the rare opportunity to date both a Korean and a Japanese woman. I liked the Korean woman better. ....just sayin.
  16. Budley007

    Look at this - disgraceful

    Good luck on the auction PJ. A seller deserves every penny a buyer is willing to spend.
  17. Budley007

    MediaMonkey and 2 disc albums

    I had this problem once. I ripped my second and third CD to temporary directories then used "Renamer" to add the track numbers to the beginning of the file starting with the next sequential number from the first CD. It's a batch filename utility that is easy to learn. Give it a try...
  18. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by DoYouRight what is the best way to keep the black blocks to hold the metal bar so that one earcup doesnt slide aggressively? If I understand your question correctly, hot glue. If I had to guess, I'd say that was what Grado used at the factory.
  19. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Spiffy, bro. On first glance, the JMoney pad seems slightly thicker and longer but significantly wider. One last thing, is it easy to install these? Piece of cake. There's some adhesive that holds the metal band in the hole on the black...
  20. Budley007


    Okay, day late with the photos, K3cT. Sorry for the "snapshot" quality, but I didn't feel like running a studio setup for obvious reasons. After looking at the dark-brown vs. seems that either color would go well with your HF2, so I'd defer to your personal taste. Hope this helped you...
  21. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Thanks. I decided to be more forceful and it's a lot better now. That aside, the JMoney pad isn't terribly expensive and perhaps I should try one. The dark brown one seems to look good with the HF2. I actually think black would be better on...
  22. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT Is there any instructions to 'properly' bend the headband? I've tried bending it and it's definitely a lot more comfortable than when it was brand new but perhaps I was not rough enough with it. What I did was merely flattening the headband so the...
  23. Budley007


    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT The HF2 is indeed an amazing piece of gear but too bad it's on the less comfortable side of things even after pad washing and headband bending. I can only wear it for 2 to 3 hours unlike my previous D2000 which could stay on top of my head for the whole...
  24. Budley007

    help with which cord i need to support spdif

    Quote: Originally Posted by phototristan I have Monoprice 'premium' optical cables and they look just as good if not better than those, for way less: PREMIUM 6FT Optical Toslink Cable w/ Metal Fancy Connector | Toslink to Toslink That's a nice looking cable, but he'd have to...
  25. Budley007

    help with which cord i need to support spdif

    I own a monoprice optical cable as well as another from Sys.Concepts, Inc. - There is no difference in sound, but I prefer the latter simply based on aesthetics. MiniPlug to Toslink Premium Optical Cable 0.05 to 50 meters May not be worth a ~$15.00 difference in price just for looks, but...