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  1. Agent Kang

    Happy New Year

    It just turned 12am here in Seoul. Happy New Year everyone!
  2. Agent Kang

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nemosan I was surprised, and shocked, seeing this. A top of the range and expensive phone with extremely bad build quality. It seems this has already been mentioned in previous posts in this thread. However, those posts were several months ago, and one would...
  3. Agent Kang

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 Could anyone provide a comparison of the UM3X's detail and resolution compared to the Etymotic ER-4P/S? I'm mildly interested in this beauty, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay 5x what I paid for the Etys if the microdetail retrieval is comparable...
  4. Agent Kang

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    What a scum. I'm sorry you have to go through with this ordeal. I've been scammed out of my k701s here on head-fi and that was painful. But losing out on 2k...ouch.
  5. Agent Kang

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shadowghost6 I'm the latest ADDIEM convert. I originally ordered the new SoundMagic PL-50 from Focalprice, but they canceled my order. Paid $30 shipped on Ebay from Gamernation. They appear genuine (and if they're not, they sound fantastic for fakes). The...
  6. Agent Kang

    Bowflex XTL - Yay/Nay?

    I don't believe in home gyms because it has never worked for me. Maybe you can find a gym close to your work or home so that the commute time becomes negligible. If working out at home is a must, then my vote goes for a power/squat rack with a bench. front squats, back squats, press, deads...
  7. Agent Kang

    Blu-ray movie discussion thread (pics added - page 1 & 7)

    Quote: Originally Posted by wakeride74 I watched Watchmen last night... pretty good movie. I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of 10. I am not familiar with the concept, comics, etc. and did not see this in the theater so I may need a second viewing to decide if I really liked it or if it was ok...
  8. Agent Kang

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 Wow, that sucks. Get an 8GB Fuze or Clip, about $75, so with the ADDIEMs, about $110 total. And they have good synergy with either DAP. Thank you for your suggestion. I was actually leaning towards the clip/fuze. Their SQ seems to be well...
  9. Agent Kang

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 Quick pic from the 3GS that I'm currently listening to.. (too lazy to bust out the D200, tripod, and remote shutter) It's quite unobtrusive. I like it too much right now to reseat it and take another picture of the traditional fit. Isolation is...
  10. Agent Kang

    Neko Case - Middle Cyclone - out 3/3/09

    i can't wait. I love Neko.
  11. Agent Kang

    Finance/Consulting Professionals--I need your help

    Of course its not IB, since your'e working advisory at an accouting firm. What I meant was: should you want to pursue IB after graduation, do your internship in M&A.
  12. Agent Kang

    Finance/Consulting Professionals--I need your help

    If you want to do IB go M&A for your internship.
  13. Agent Kang

    Repost: Where to check out in NYC?

    Brooklyn Bridge at night.
  14. Agent Kang

    Free Downloads from RCO

    Just a heads up to classical lovers: To celebrate the 120th anniversary of RCO...... "Starting on October the 15th you will be able to download a free recording of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra every day. The recordings are available until the 24th of November 2008." The 10...
  15. Agent Kang

    Classical piano-heavy Music for Massage

    schubert's d960 by richter.
  16. Agent Kang

    PC advice.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blitzula my computer mid-week. This is what I ended up buying: Case: Antec Nine Hundred Case w/no PS ($160) Motherboard: ASUS P5KQ Pro Mbrd, S775 ($180) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33GHz CPU, S775 ($350) CPU Cooling: XIGMATEK...
  17. Agent Kang

    PC advice.

    Quote: Originally Posted by NoHands everything seems fine, however i would go with a motherboard with an intel chipset. the nvidia ones are known to be buggy. The asus motheboards with an intel chipset called x38 are better, less buggy and run faster. everything else seems fine...
  18. Agent Kang

    FLAC -> ALAC conversion?

    I remember Dbpoweramp having problems with alac files skipping tracks in ipod. Has this issue been addressed and corrected?
  19. Agent Kang

    Classical Recording Recommendations

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbhaub Here are some symphonies that have a lot in common with Dvorak: "folksy", tuneful, upbeat. 1) Kalinnikov, symphonies 1 & 2. The Jarvi on Chandos is unbeatable. 2) Fibich, three symphonies. Another Czech - you'll love it. Again, Jarvi on Chandos...
  20. Agent Kang

    $500-1000 DAC recomendations?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gradofan2 You will find nothing better than the Monarchy M24 (see all the reviews). You can sometimes find them on Audiogon, for $800-$1000. Kora Hermes trumps the M24 in every way. Occasionally you can find them used at 1000 price point on audiogon.
  21. Agent Kang

    Mahler Symphonies Favorite Recordings

    Quote: Originally Posted by Facade19 To me Boulez's reading of the 6th, especially in the opening movement is rather slow and sucks out all the drama and dynamics. Compared to my favorite recording of the 6th (Bernstein/VPO), Boulez just does not get the melodrama out of the score...
  22. Agent Kang

    String Quartets

    janacek's 2nd, Ludwig's Op 130,131,132 Ravel's Quartet in F, Dvorak's American, Haydn's "Emporer" Bartok's 5th list can go on and and....
  23. Agent Kang

    Why does the band 'Rush' make me hate my other music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MuseMan Whenever I play a 'Rush' album or song, I find it impossible to listen to anything else afterwards without feeling dissapointed. Everything else just pales in comparison... Why? you're boring.
  24. Agent Kang

    Mahler question (newbie)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tyson Nothing teaches patience like a Bruckner symphony Totally. Get a bruckner 8th with Celi.
  25. Agent Kang

    ER-4S users: what full size phones do you prefer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nc8000 It's funny that I love my ER4 but the K701 leaves me completely cold. Ditto. IMO, the hd600 sig is closer to ER4S than the k701s.