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    Do you use ReplayGain/MP3Gain?

    The thing is that when you compress audio like with MP3, MPC, Vorbis etc. scalefactors should be taken in consideration. It's not the same thing as playing the PCM data file prior to the compression - to amplitude is higher in the new material - hence clipping without the source clipping...
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    Modding the RME PAD

    Did anyone actually bother to test the PAD card prior to and after modding? It would be insteresting if anyone actually got any improvement or negative effect of this experiment. RMAA or SpectraLAB
  3. MTRH

    Foobar 2000--how do I switch to kernal streaming?

    uninteresting. home or not doesn't matter. KS is still illadviced as choice and isn't suspected to work as you might hope or think.
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    Foobar 2000--how do I switch to kernal streaming?

    oh, and it's more likely you get a ****ed up output with KS. It doesnt improve sound quality, just prevents quality degradation
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    Foobar 2000--how do I switch to kernal streaming?

    Just a little note, KS doesn't 'improve' sound. it bypasses kmixer, which also means you can disable 'wave' under sndvol32.
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    stereo or joint stereo?

    As always, LAME MP3 encoder/decoder should be used.
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    no hostility intendend, at all.
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    Dolby Digital vs DTS

    Quote: Originally posted by daniel422 DTS is slightly less compressed than DD -- but realisticly not enough for you to notice. The big difference is the complete re-mastering of the soundtrack. It makes direct comparison very difficult as far as sound quality goes. I will agree that I...
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    How can a MiniDisc just erase itself?!?!?!

    Quote: Originally posted by MacDEF Fortunately, that's not possible. MiniDiscs are simply magneto-optical discs -- unless the recording laser is focused directly on a data block, there is no way the polarity of that block can be changed. I'm afraid it's not that simple. The...
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    Quote: Originally posted by tanfenton MPC using MusePack 1.15a with the mppenc --braindead --ms 0 --nmt 32 --tmn 64 command line is as good as I've heard lossy compression sound. NGF You could change that magic line of yours to "mppenc.exe --insane" and hear no difference at all.
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    Quote: Originally posted by stereth --alt-preset standard is damn near transparent to my ears. It has trouble on mid drum and bass drum transients, as well as some heavy guitar distortion (Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of distortion). I voted 320 cbr. --r3mix seems to have a few more...
  12. MTRH

    Great software based equalizer: BlueParamEQ

    Quote: Originally posted by J.Y. I still prefer Shibatch's super EQ for its superior quality although there are bugs and the author seemed to have abandoned the project. No it's not abandoned. Define "bugs" please, possibly e-mail me - I don't check thi place out all that often
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    Skips when using EAC in secure mode

    ehm.. Ofcourse... it's EAC's forum :B
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    Your favorite computer media player?

    Reading what you wrote it's hard to say anything else but that you're completely biassed. Join us on the IRC channel and start a dialog and ask about the things you mention. Posting things like what you just did is the way of the forum trolls. #Foobar2000 mind you, if you...
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    Skips when using EAC in secure mode

    Quote: Originally posted by Gergor How do I know if my setting is proper? Sometimes what EAC presents you with is correct, but far too often it's not. There's a database @ SatCP It contains alot of useful information, but unfortunately there are alot of inaccurate reports in that...
  16. MTRH

    Skips when using EAC in secure mode

    it's due to the same reasons that I mentioned above your post. Most common is erroneus C2 usage, then there are drives that cache audio and you don't check "drive caches audio" in EAC. or your drive don't support Accurate stream (eg. not a burner). These are the most common "mistakes".
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    Skips when using EAC in secure mode

    explanation: bad settings abuse of functions , paste the top of a log here, since you have three drives you should have three profiles for individual drive settings
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    Is Redbook CD data-compressed?

    It'd be alot less confusing if you'd let the terminology stay in the correct context. "compression" as in the 2000's most used tool in studios to abuse and destroy music; lessening dynamics and causing overdrives. "compression" as in bitreduction either preserved or bitreduced compression...
  19. MTRH

    The very best sound card for audiophile quality sound from a PC

    digisoft: Pro Tools, Echo: Mona/Mia, Creamware: Pulsar/Scope/Luna etc. what output do you need? for most of these card you want to use the balanced XLR outs either directly to active monitors or a mixerboard.
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    A dumb question on MP3

    with 48kHz MP3:s you'd get 10% shorter preecho, you use "--resample 48" to trigger it in LAME, but is it really worth it?
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    Computer as source

    Quote: Originally posted by msjjr I do get a true digital output. The Audigy Platinum has digital (SPDIF) coaxial as well as optical inputs and outputs. The external DAC is upsampling tp 24/192. As an extra bonus from Creative you also get a cheap 44.1 => 48kHz upsampling that I...
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    Computer as source

    How about for example a Delta 1010 => b-phono/XLR => monitors simple and inexpensive - yet perfect
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    Your favorite computer media player?

    Quote: Originally posted by Maxvla i didn't see any way to tweak the sound at all so to be fair i turned off my eq on QCD. QCD still sounded better. not much but still a warmer sound fuller. BWUAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Some of you guys here are just too funny to believe you're not...