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  1. djdeepblue

    Meelec M6 Review

    Meelec M6 Review   First Impressions/Unboxing: Nice and simple package, all plastic, just like the R1’s and probably all the headphones in their range. The headphones are just beautiful, I got the clear version. Awesome design! They came with a small pouch to carry the headphones, lots...
  2. djdeepblue

    Meelec R1 Review

    Meelec R1 Review First Impressions/Unboxing: Nice and simple package, all plastic. Came with a small pouch to carry the headphones, 3 pairs of ear-tips and one pair of double-flange tips, a rubber to hold the headphones, an output adaptor and a clip is also included in the cable. Build...
  3. djdeepblue

    Sennheiser CX-500 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by subseasniper Did you get a genuine pair? I bought a pair a while back for a similar price after my CX200's broke and tbh, I thought they sounded pretty bad. I read somewhere that on genuine sets of CX500's the sound doesn't totally cut out when the inline...
  4. djdeepblue

    Review - Pioneer SE-M290

    Yeah, it happens the same thing to me... xD
  5. djdeepblue

    secondary IEM

    Just one thing, you can buy the Sennheiser CX-500 at for 27.99 Hope that helps EDIT: Just saw now that you bought the Custom 2's
  6. djdeepblue

    Best Bass for less than $100

    Quote: Originally Posted by StereoX7521 Between the Sennheiser CX500 and JVC Marshmellow I prefer the bass response of the CX500. It's more cleaner and extends lower without rolling off. Yeah, I agree
  7. djdeepblue

    Best Bass for less than $100

    I love the bass on my Sennheiser CX-500, it's really good but I'm pretty sure that there are some more expensive headphones with better bass... Wait till an expert answers
  8. djdeepblue

    Sennheiser CX-500 Review

    Hi! I have received my Sennheiser CX-500 yesterday, they aren't burned in yet, so I will update the review when they are First Impressions/Unboxing: Typical Sennheiser package, as you are used to see in the CX-series. Came with a beautiful white carrying pouch, a rubber to hold the...
  9. djdeepblue

    Attention DJs: ATH-M50 vs. HD25??

    The Sennheiser HD-25 are pretty good. I like to mix with them because they are comfortable, and they isolate pretty well, and an excellent sound quality I don't know anything about the ATH-M50
  10. djdeepblue

    Who here is a high school audiophile?

    Age: 16 Gear: Creative EP-630 Pioneer SE-CL21M Sennheiser CX500 (coming) Sennheiser PX100 Pioneer SE-M290 Some cheap earbuds Source: Creative X-FI Surround 5.1 USB iPod Touch 1G Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20Gb From Portugal
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    Question about comparing headphone SQ

    Btw, when the CX-500's come, I'll do a review
  12. djdeepblue

    Question about comparing headphone SQ

    Hi! I bought the Sennheiser CX500 IEM's, they didn't came yet. I want to buy one more pair of IEM's, but I have a question. Right now I really like the sound quality of my Sennheiser PX-100's. Is there any IEM under maybe 70€ with the bass quantity and quality of the PX-100, and good...
  13. djdeepblue

    Sennheiser CX500 good for £28?

    Yes they are... I bought mine at 20.99 genuines, I am waiting for them to come to the mailbox :P That price is also good... if u want them at 20.99 go to here: Micro SD Cards, Compact Flash, Memory Cards, R4 Card, SD Cards, SSD, SDHC - MyMemory It's a reliable source with very good prices
  14. djdeepblue

    In-ear headphones with detachable cable

    Hi! The problem with the headphones I have been using, is that they broke because of the cable... so i'm considering buying some in-ear's with detachable cable, like the IE-8's, so when they broke I can just buy a new cable, right? Unfortunately I don't have money for the IE8's, do you...
  15. djdeepblue

    My Review on the Sennheiser PX100

    Yeah I agree, they are really awesome for this price
  16. djdeepblue

    Review - Pioneer SE-M290

    Hi! This is a review on the Pioneer SE-M290 headphones. I bought these for DJing purposes, but I can only use them at home. Sound Quality: When I plugged the headphones into my iPod Touch 1G, the sound was very quiet, even in the maximum volume. The iPod doesn't have enough power to...
  17. djdeepblue

    My Review on the Sennheiser PX100

    Hi! Here is my review on the Sennheiser PX-100's, which I use for a long time now. Sound Quality: Right out-of-the-box, and plugged into a computer, they sound just awesome. The bass is there, really defined, but not too loud, the mids and the highs are really defined, and I can hear...
  18. djdeepblue

    Review - Pioneer SE-CL21M-K-J (IEM's)

    Hi everyone! I recently bought these headphones just to listen to some music as my other headphones died, and I'm now saving maybe for some Shure's I got a little surprised by these headphones, and here is my review First Impressions: When i took these IEM'S out of the box, and...
  19. djdeepblue

    Portable Amp for Pioneer SE-CL21M?

    Hi Does a amp plugged into my ipod touch and mt Pioneeer SE-CL21M makes the sound better? Sorry, I am a noob to this If it does, what are the cheap solutions? Thanks
  20. djdeepblue

    IEM's under 50 euros

    I have the option to buy the old gen (straight jack) V-Moda Vibes headphones for 45€, is it a good choice?
  21. djdeepblue

    IEM's under 50 euros

    What about Sennheiser CX-400? And some sony's?
  22. djdeepblue

    IEM's under 50 euros

    Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 The Sony EX082's are actually very good for a pair of bundled earphones (comes with the S6xx A8xx etc. series Walkmans), with excellent bass extension and smooth overall presentation, though there's some treble roll-off. But there is also a mod available...
  23. djdeepblue

    IEM's under 50 euros

    Hi all! First post on this forum I had 2 pairs of Creative EP-630's, and i used them with my ipod touch 1g, but I lost them, and I have to buy another IEM's next week. In my opinion, this headphones are awesone, lots of bass and good sound quality Now i'm considering to buy some...