In-ear headphones with detachable cable
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Apr 3, 2009

The problem with the headphones I have been using, is that they broke because of the cable... so i'm considering buying some in-ear's with detachable cable, like the IE-8's, so when they broke I can just buy a new cable, right?

Unfortunately I don't have money for the IE8's, do you recommend me any other headphones under 80€ or a little more?

I like to have deep bass, but I also like to have good mids and treble.
For reference, I like the sound quality of the Sennheiser PX-100's bery much

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the only company i think of when i hear detachable cable for iem's is ultimate ears. you might want to look into them and i believe the super fi 5 pro should be in that price range
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The IEM's that pop up in my mind right now, are the SA6 (Sleek Audio), Ultimate Ears IEMs, IE8 and the ER4 (Etymotic, but although it's possible to remove, insert or replace the cable, it isn't designed to do this often. So the connections will wear out if you would do it too often)
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nope, only the IE8
and not the entire UE line, just the 3 and 5 (except the 2.0) and the,
the metros, 4, 5 2.0 and 700 are all fixed cable

the sleeks also have detachable cables,

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