Meelec M6 Review
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Apr 3, 2009
Meelec M6 Review
First Impressions/Unboxing:
Nice and simple package, all plastic, just like the R1’s and probably all the headphones in their range.
The headphones are just beautiful, I got the clear version. Awesome design!
They came with a small pouch to carry the headphones, lots of eartips, a rubber to hold the headphones, an output adaptor for the planes and a clip is also included in the cable.
Build Quality:
They are solid, the clear cable looks good, it’s flexible but not rubbery.
The Headphones:
As I said before, this babies look amazing.
The cable hasn’t got the noise when it hits your clothes or any object, maybe because of the over-the-ear design.
The jack is small and pretty good.
Isolation, Comfort and Fit:
5/5 on comfort and fit. I can even sleep with them on my ears without hurting me!
They are really compact and small. 4/5 on isolation, they isolate pretty well for me.
The tips are nice, they have a nice feel, they are almost the same as the R1’s ones.
First Sound impressions:
I loved the sound of these headphones right out-of-the-box.
The mids are there, and they are pure, so as the highs!
As for the bass, honestly, I did think that they had tiny bass, because of the more present mids and highs, but no, the bass is clearly there, it’s strong enough, and gets low-frequencies quite easily.
Now with some hours of use, the overall sound is rich and balanced, it’s pure.
There’s no overwhelming bass of highs, to me, they sound balanced.
These headphones are amazing, and if you are lucky enough to catch meelec’s promotions and deals, you can get these for an amazing price. You can use them everywhere, for the gym, to sleep, pretty much anything. Currently I’m using them to produce my music. I would recommend them for people who listen to anything, bust mostly to rock and other genres than electronic.
They cost 50$ at Meelec, and even at this price, they are totally worth every penny.
Again, if you buy from them, you won’t regret it, as the customer support is astonishingly amazing. Really nice and kind people, with fast responses. 5/5 for the customer support!
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The M6s sound better than a $20 IEM has any right to.  I would've been happy with them even if I'd paid list price.  And with the 3-flange tips, they fit me better than any other in-ears I've ever used (admittedly, that isn't many).  I really like the slim, flexible, non-microphonic cable, too.

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