Meelec R1 Review
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Apr 3, 2009
Meelec R1 Review

First Impressions/Unboxing:
Nice and simple package, all plastic.
Came with a small pouch to carry the headphones, 3 pairs of ear-tips and one pair of double-flange tips, a rubber to hold the headphones, an output adaptor and a clip is also included in the cable.

Build Quality:
They seem pretty solid, the cable looks good, its flexible and rubbery.

The Headphones:
The headphones themselves look pretty good, with the wooden housing. The cable has that usual noise, when it hits your clothes or any object. The jack is small and pretty good.

Isolation, Comfort and Fit:
I would give this a 3/5 on isolation, they don't isolate much, but still, they seem to isolate more or less like the Sennheiser CX-300. The tips are nice, they have a nice feel, and are comfortable to use.

First Sound impressions:

These headphones are bass-monsters, i think it's because of the wooden housing. They have almost the same sub-bass as my Hippo VB's, but they do have an extra punch on the 80Hz range which lacks on the VB's... mid-bass is not much present, that is really nice, nobody wants mid-bass

I find the mids and highs to be a bit recessed, maybe it's just my impression now, out-of-the-box, maybe they'll do better later. I'm really enjoying them!

After Burn-in:
Ok, they turned out to be a little bit different. The bass is now more controlled, still awesome, and the mids are more present now. The highs are almost the same, and they sound pretty decent to me.

These headphones are really bassy, i would recommend them to people who listen to House, Trance, Drum and Bass and electronic music in general. They cost 39$ at Meelec, and if you love bass, you must buy these, they are totally worth the price!
And another thing… If you buy from meelectronics and you have problems with the headphones, their customer service is just GREAT, the best i've seen in any company. Answers are fast, and they are really nice people!

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