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  1. burnliff

    What are the most comfortable headphones?

    SA3000, every Bose full-size I've tried
  2. burnliff

    Total Bithead problems

    Only tried with digital, channel doesn't come back regardless of volume, tried multiple headphones that work fine..   Tried different USB cables, tried different PCs, etc.   I'll probably be buying a Fiio E10 or E17 to replace it.
  3. burnliff

    Total Bithead problems

    There's no sound coming through the right channel when I use my Total Bithead, is there anything I can do or is it time for a new amp? I'm not handy with repairing electronics... I should add that this is with both jacks. It's also been hissing quite a bit the past month or so, it used to be...
  4. burnliff

    Guide on How To Educate Others About Beats

    your $500 amd notebook will not be even close to a $3000 macbook in any way   edit: actually, the amd laptop might be a better paperweight or handwarmer..   Quote:    
  5. burnliff

    Can't go back to DT770 after using XB700

    some people don't want the very powerful bass that the xb700 produces, it's a matter of taste   one isn't really better than the other (though the DT770 has better build quality overall) imo
  6. burnliff

    Guide on How To Educate Others About Beats

    why do you even care what kind of headphones other people have   newsflash: most people don't care about getting the most sound quality for your money   some people will just hate anything that's popular... calm down and just enjoy the music, the people with beats are enjoying their...
  7. burnliff

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    40% off anything from with this coupon code: REG-2z874h6   basically means you can get the aviators for $90 with free shipping (and a free beanie with FREEBEANIE as a coupon code)   their site is dying right now though
  8. burnliff

    Beats by Dre

    This is a worthless comparison. Beats are not for audiophiles. They are selling something that is part lifestyle product, part fashion accessory, and part iPod accessory. Go to any website and find me a pair of headphones more 'in fashion' than the Beats line, there's a challenge.    Quote...
  9. burnliff

    FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE (Ultrasone HFI-580/HFI 580 appreciation thread)

    It's probably better to fix the noise from your PC than limit your headphone choice.. Did you build your own computer?
  10. burnliff

    FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE (Ultrasone HFI-580/HFI 580 appreciation thread)

    I prefer open cans for gaming, but there aren't bad.
  11. burnliff

    FIGHT THE BEATS HYPE (Ultrasone HFI-580/HFI 580 appreciation thread)

    Well, I recently acquired a pair of HFI-580s in a trade.. Here are my impressions!   I don't have huge experience with headphones, but I'll do my best here.   I traded away my XB700s for these, and I would say that they really aren't all that different. The XBs might have slightly more...
  12. burnliff

    What are your secret headphones?

    Heh, just because a moderator says something it doesn't mean that that's the absolute truth for everybody. I personally love the sound of the V6, and it has quite a following on here!   Quote:    
  13. burnliff

    Need an headphone around $150 + amp/dac

    The HFI-580 isn't bad
  14. burnliff

    Which headphones have the most BASS?

    Quote: Quote:    
  15. burnliff

    Best headphones for gaming?

    +1, thought the same thing.. Most of his posts are misinformation, and he posts a lot :-\   Quote:     I would say get HD555s and a <$10 desktop mic. The HD555s are harder to find now for cheap, but check the for sale section. Alternatively, AD700 + mic.
  16. burnliff

    Why are my ears so hot? (And what good headphones will be suitable for me?)

    what you need is a pair of velour pads for your M50s. the beyerdynamic DT250 pads fit the M50 and will actually allow your ears to breathe a little! they go for just under $20 . i bought mine from sweetwater, but i think b&h also carries them.
  17. burnliff

    WOOT Sony MDR-V150s!!!

    $30 for a knockoff V150? When I bought them they were $15 for a real pair..
  18. burnliff

    WOOT Sony MDR-V150s!!!

    You sleep with them on? Just get a pair of earbuds!
  19. burnliff

    Sony MDR-7506

    Quote: And I'm saying that since the V6 is almost the same as the 7506, and that the ZX700 is almost the same as the 7510, the comparisons should carry over at least a little.    Your headphone collection is interesting by the way.. Who owns a V6 AND a 7506? Or the HD600, 650 AND 800?
  20. burnliff

    Sony MDR-7506   There's the difference between the V6 and the 7506. The 7506 has a separate ground for each channel, the V6 uses a common ground. I believe that this gives the V6 a slight crossfeed-like effect, which is why the 7506 are...
  21. burnliff

    Sony MDR-7506

    Quote: MDR-V6 -> MDR-7506, MDR-ZX700 -> MDR-7510?   Am I right in this logic? From what I've read, the ZX700 doesn't have the sparkly highs of the V6, but has better mids.. I'd chalk it up to personal preference. Plus, the V6 is more durable than the ZX700, and the ZX700s don't fold.
  22. burnliff

    Looking for "all purpose?" cans

    You could also consider the Sony CD900ST
  23. burnliff

    Which Grados are best on the low end?

    If you were looking for portable, just forget the full-sized Grados completely. They have zero isolation and everyone will hear what you're listening to.   Take a look at the XB700s
  24. burnliff

    Sony MDR-7506

    Try the velour pads, they were quite comfortable.
  25. burnliff

    igrados for the gym

    botbyte wins the 'how to be a dick' contest, can't believe nobody said anything   anywho, that's what you get when you buy cheap headphones. they sometimes don't last very long. good thing koss has a wonderful warranty!