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  1. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    I just couldn't stand always looking at the speaker cables/adapter hanging off the front of the HA-1 if I decided to use the headphone out to amp solution. I have continued to listen to both and with SACDs from the BDP-83 the P5 is consistently a bit more transparent and the bass is more...
  2. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    It came from the factory set in high gain mode so that it what I used at first.  I also tried the normal setting.  I noticed no difference in the sound quality through my speakers but it did seem to run cooler in the normal setting. 
  3. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    Ha ha, I would love to keep both but I value my marriage. Yeah, the Joes are special. They were my fathers and he passed away a few years ago. They are a great way to remember him. I thought he was crazy for spending so much for a couple of book shelf speakers, but now I get it. I felt a...
  4. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    I believe you are right about the headphone amp always running. I wonder if OPPO could adjust that with a firmware update, although I doubt it. I spent a few more hours running the headphone out of the P5 and it did help considerably. I am amazed at what $1200 buys today.
  5. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    The rack has a built in fan that activates when the ambient temp gets above 85. Does anybody have an opinion about the DACs in these 2 pres? The oppo is superior on paper, but I don't hear much if any difference. Do you think the oppo would pull ahead if they were both fed a higher resolution...
  6. Tyler J

    Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

    It has been around 4 years since I logged on, but I thought I could contribute a bit about the HA-1 as a preamp.  I have been looking for a quality 2 channel pre with a built in DAC and headphone out.  I have been using a Bryston sp 1.7 as a preamp in a  5.1 surround sound system.  I have...
  7. Tyler J

    ad700 highs with dt770 bass? is it out there?

    Try some 2005 Dt990s I just got them and I think they are fantastic. Similar to the D2000s but more detailed from top to bottom and more open sounding. On sale at B&H for $180.
  8. Tyler J

    B&H deal on DT990 2005 is back!

    Got them yesterday and so far I am impressed. A little bit of burn in (about 12 hours) did wonders. They sound like the 880s on steriods. They definitely have a different sound though, not nearly as dry as the 880s and a satisfying bass punch. My favorite full size I have owned, my short list...
  9. Tyler J

    Which full size Sennheiser for movies unamped?

    I almost always run my phones from a receiver (although I have an amp) and the 595s were terrible from it. I have found that harder to drive phones sound better from a receiver. The AKG K601s sounded the best and they are very tough to drive. Of course every receiver is different so your...
  10. Tyler J

    B&H deal on DT990 2005 is back!

    I just ordered some 990s 2005 250 ohms for $188 shipped. Get them while they are hot.
  11. Tyler J

    Where to buy k701s

    Call Northern Sound and Light
  12. Tyler J

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 -series

    I had the 80 ohm version (way to much bass) and now I have the the 2005s. The 2005s have a flat frequency response with a bit of extra bite in the treble, I think they are great.
  13. Tyler J

    Upgraditis! HD600 vs K701 Not again..(Calling all DT770 05' Owners) or wait..a DAC instead?

    After getting in on the $110 770 deal from amazon, I liked them so much I sold my 880s, and D2000s. The 770s have the detail of the 880s with a more upfront midrange. The phones I really miss are the K601s, they have about the same amount of bass as your 770s but a warmer tone and a fantastic...
  14. Tyler J

    Have D2000, get DT880?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dBs The DT770 250Ohms must be a completely different beast than the 880s because I listen to a lot of trance, techno, and symphonic metal, and I swear these present at least those 3 genres to almost perfection for my tastes. I sold my D2000s and 880s...
  15. Tyler J

    Can my Yamaha receiver drive my Denon AH-D7000?

    Tfarney is right on the money in my experience. I have not used the headphone out of a yamaha, but the headphone out on my Denon 5700 is indeed about 90% as good as the dedicated amps I have heard. It is so close that IMO anyone on a budget and interested in an AVR is crazy to spend a bunch of...
  16. Tyler J

    Used headphone prices?

    Thanks 1Time
  17. Tyler J

    Used headphone prices?

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong area but I am trying to get an idea of what my phones are worth. I am looking to sell my mint condition 2005 DT880 250ohm and Denon D2000s. I do not know what to ask for them. I have tried to search but the prices are always removed after the sale. Thanks for...
  18. Tyler J

    Akg K702 best price?

    Call Northern Sound and Light.
  19. Tyler J

    beyerdynamic dt770, dt770M, and dt770-pro. Whats the difference?

    The 770M are for drummers in the studio I think. The 770s with the silver ring around the cups are the consumer edition aka the (2005) version. They sound very different then the pro 80ohm version. The consumer version is very clear, detailed and has neutral bass. The pro 80ohm version are...
  20. Tyler J

    Headphone Sale on Amazon- Beyerdynamic DT770 for $126

    I am very impressed with the 770s so far. They sound very close to my 2005 880s 250ohm. The biggest difference is in the midrange where the 770s give up some of the smoothness of the 880s for a slightly more forward and detailed midrange. They sound more even due to the more forward midrange, it...
  21. Tyler J

    Headphone Sale on Amazon- Beyerdynamic DT770 for $126

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew_WOT They are brighter than ER4S and DT880/600. From memory, treble wise it's MS2i. So you are getting Grado sound with soundstage and comfortable package. I'd say for $108, it's a pretty good deal. BTW, not astonishing quantity wise, I do dig their...
  22. Tyler J

    HELP! HD595, AKG 601 or DT 880

    Quote: Originally Posted by majkel K601 X2
  23. Tyler J

    Hi-Fi Choice's Headphone Group Test

    I own the creek obh21 as well as the 880s (2005) and D2000s. I agree with what the reviewer said in regards to the Denons and the 880s. I know the Denons in the article were the D5000s, but they are close. I also prefer the 880s. I have not heard the rest of the phones in the review. My guess is...
  24. Tyler J

    Beyerdynamic DT770-05 still kicks arse!

    Has anybody owned the 2005 880 and the 2005 770 at the same time? If I could have a closed version of the 880s with more bass punch I would be sold. Can anyone do a short comparo? I have already searched and everything I have read talks about the lack of bass in the new 770s. I am thinking they...
  25. Tyler J

    Bdynamic dt 770 or HD595

    I say if you like bass go for the 770, if you are an audiophile, go for the 880s or K701s.