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  1. snoop_005

    FS: Little Dot MK IV SE Tube amp

    Oops...Mod, please close.
  2. snoop_005

    FS: Little Dot MK IV SE Tube amp

    Mint condition used for less than 60 hrs. Comes with everything as it would when bought brand new. Looking for $415 shipped. Thanks!
  3. snoop_005

    What should be my next can?

    thats going to be a nice setup!
  4. snoop_005

    Tell me your funny IT stories

    Nice, keep 'em coming guys!
  5. snoop_005

    New Darkvoice website with product pictures

    Cool site! DV amps are sexy!
  6. snoop_005

    Judgement of Sound Quality

    I think its by how close sound is produce to the oringnal recording.
  7. snoop_005

    advice on home amp $400-$600

    Little Dot or DarkVoice should be on your list.
  8. snoop_005

    Just bought my first seroius RIG!!!!

    Very nice! Enjoy
  9. snoop_005

    LD V, IV SE, or WA 6 for my 701s and 650s?

    Buy an LD MKIV SE! Especially mine!
  10. snoop_005

    Mapletree HD-200 arrived (large pics)

    Really nice looking amp.
  11. snoop_005

    Pulled Trigger: Grado SR-60 and Ety ER-6i

    Congrats! You'll enjoy them.
  12. snoop_005

    Entry-level headphone amps?

    Little dot amps sound really good, you wont be dissappointed!
  13. snoop_005

    Little Dot prices up! Supply vs. Demand

    nice glad to hear that!
  14. snoop_005

    Just received my new toy, ATH ES7...

    Congrats, those seems like a nice pair of headphones.
  15. snoop_005

    Is HD-DVD Dead?

    Yes HD-DVD is dead
  16. snoop_005

    Q-jays : left side MUCH louder than right

    if this is coming out of an amp might want to check the outputting ohms.
  17. snoop_005

    Worth upgrading from Grado 325i to RS-1?

    If you like Grado sound RS-1 is for you
  18. snoop_005

    Bit the bullet and just ordered the SR-225s

    Congrats and enjoy!
  19. snoop_005

    Little Dot prices up! Supply vs. Demand

    Wow, then one of you lucky sap can buy my MK IV SE off me!
  20. snoop_005

    Does the HD650 sound slow?

    HD650 needs a proper amp to drive or they tend to sound dull.
  21. snoop_005


    Looks nice!
  22. snoop_005

    RS2 vs SR80....Grado hype?

    wow i was really looking forward to try the RS2 since I own a pair of SR80 but this thread kind of put things into perspective for me.