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  1. kamatt22

    ATH ESW9 in da haus-impressions! LOTS OF PICS WARNING!

    They sure do look pretty! Great pics Blackmore. I can't wait until the end of the month so I can put an order in to get them!
  2. kamatt22

    Any pictures of people wearing the ESW9?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tk3 lol, talk about a headphone addict. Indeed, I was way too concentrated on the headphones to even notice her!
  3. kamatt22

    Any pictures of people wearing the ESW9?

    I know...I have just realised now that she's not wearing any the way I got that picture by typing esw9 in google image (and there was also the moderate images only filter on) it's not really my fault!
  4. kamatt22

    Any pictures of people wearing the ESW9?

    These are some others...the last one is the prettiest of them all:
  5. kamatt22

    Any pictures of people wearing the ESW9?

    Hope this helps:
  6. kamatt22

    Edirol MA-15D compare with COMPANION® 3

    I own the Edirol MA-15D and I think they are a very good choice for their price. They are a decent enough recording monitors, and they do an excellent job with music and movies. Unfortunately I cannot compare them with the Bose as I don't have them, and never heard them before.
  7. kamatt22

    SF5Pro versus Q-Jays (Do these threads ever end?)

    I have found the SF5Pro to be way too uncomfortable (I have average/smaller ears) and they make you look like Frankenstein (they stick out way too much even after having flipped the cables). I returned mine a few days after I bought them. Quite a lot of people had a similar experience with them...
  8. kamatt22

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    I can't wait to get mine. Nomad, where did you get the ESW9 from? seems to be the cheapest with UK delivery! did you have to pay VAT and customs?
  9. kamatt22

    q-JAYS LE with foamies (release date?)

    Quote: Originally Posted by sayrum again an unclear answer imo! i and lots of others want famies with their q-jays! (that is fomies included with the q-jays purchas) and the answers i have read here are never clear or straight. so far all i have read are promises and...
  10. kamatt22

    How 'inarticulate' are the HFI-780s?

    What about the AT ESW9? They are portable, don't need an amp to drive them, they are in your price range and they look fantastic!
  11. kamatt22

    impulsively bought the denon d2000's....should I return them?

    You can always open them, and then if you don't like them reselling them! I am sure you can get most, if not all of the money you spent! I was looking to buy a pair of these phones.
  12. kamatt22

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    Thanks Xenohawk for your message, I guess I am going to buy them. As I am going to order them from Japan, I will probably also order a pair of CK7. Anyone has any good experience with the latter?
  13. kamatt22

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    I am really thinking of buying these headphones. Are they really worth much more than the ES7 or ES9? How is the leakage like? Will I be able to use them on the subway, without having people staring at me because they leak too much? Are they comfortable enough for long usage (eg more than 4...
  14. kamatt22

    Victor HP-FX500 Review: World's first Wood Canalphones

    This is my first message, although I have been following this fantastic community for about a year. The Victor FX500s look fantastic, do you know if there is any chance to import them from Japan, buying them online? I am in the UK by the way