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  1. MiguelATF

    Bowers & Wilkins P3: surprisingly (to me) good after all these years

    Only one other observation to keep in mind: the P3's are actually beautifully 'made' (as opposed to some much more cheaply manufactured smallish portable headphones) - but they are not the most solid or heavy-duty feeling headphones. Compared to them, my Martin Logan Mikros 90's - which, at...
  2. MiguelATF

    Bowers & Wilkins P3: surprisingly (to me) good after all these years

    No, actually, the pair I bought were lightly used - very very lightly used, that is, almost-but-not-quite in near-new condition. Which makes me think that they have not really (yet) been fully broken in. I purchased them from a legitimate (and good) seller on flea-bay. Must add just one other...
  3. MiguelATF

    Bowers & Wilkins P3: surprisingly (to me) good after all these years

    I recently had to replace a pair of inexpensive but quite fine headphones - Creative Aurvana Live's, from a few lifetimes ago - which I was using both as my always-connected-to-my-Mac-desktop-and-laptop headphones - and, occasionally, for travel. The CAL's bit the dust when one of the hinges...
  4. MiguelATF

    Martin Logan Mikros 90 On-Ear Headphones

    One more report from listening to my new (to me) M90 phones (which btw I'm in the process of burning-in, slowly, with a somewhat unorthodox technique: instead of subjecting the phones to hours and hours of carefully programmed segments of either white or pink noise, I've plugged them in to one...
  5. MiguelATF

    Martin Logan Mikros 90 On-Ear Headphones

    Yes, I realize my M90's are nowhere near close to being broken in yet....but they're still acquitting themselves admirably.   Today I was listening to some larger scale orchestral sounds - Yo-Yo Ma playing Vivaldi cello concertos - and I was surprised at the denseness of the sound renderings...
  6. MiguelATF

    BitPerfect (was: Audirvana Alternatives)

    Another bit +1 - or just plain +++ - for BitPerfect aka BP.  Just purchased it for my Mac Mini - which is equipped with a small but powerful FiiO E10 and through which I'm listening via Martin Logan Mikros 90 phones - and BP provides subtle but audible improvements - more richness, complexity...
  7. MiguelATF

    Martin Logan Mikros 90 On-Ear Headphones

    New ML Mik90 owner here - I just did a trade with a fellow Head-fier for a very lightly used (and thus un-burned in) Mikros I'm putting them through their paces.  First up is a disc by the Renaissance/early-music group, the Baltimore Consort, playing a disc full of English Ellizabethan...
  8. MiguelATF

    Noontec Zoro

    Just wondering if anyone has heard - or had a chance to listen to - the newer version of the Zoros - the Zoro II? With, supposedly, an improved driver?   My original Zoro's are fabulous.  But after a year of frequent use and folding, one of the plastic hinges just broke.  I'm considering...
  9. MiguelATF

    Need help finding replacement pad/s for Creative Aurvana Live CAL!

    Bump!   Anyone at all out there who knows what/which replacement pads/earpads will fit on my Creative Aurvana Live's?   PLEASE?!
  10. MiguelATF

    Need help finding replacement pad/s for Creative Aurvana Live CAL!

    During a recent trip, one of the ear pads of my Creative Aurvana Live headphones - which are OUTSTANDING portable cans, btw - somehow fell off and got lost.  I've searched the forums for possible sources for a replacement pad (only one is missing) - but can't find any.   Can any fellow...
  11. MiguelATF

    I truly believe these are one of the best Classical Music headphones I've ever heard

    Another late-comer to the bandwagon, but I feel impelled to add one more post to the list here.  I just acquired a set of DT660's, slightly used, for a very reasonable price, to complement my lighter weight (and generally excellent) portable Creative Aurvana Live!'s (which as many have pointed...
  12. MiguelATF

    hotaudio40 's amps

    Just ordered a Bit Perfect from Dave/hotaudio after a correspondance with him where I sent him a number of emails with questions about my potential purchase - and he answered them all promptly and with a great deal of intelligent detail.  Am purchasing it as a portable upgrade to my MacBook Pro...
  13. MiguelATF

    Review: ATH-EW9 Revisited

    Nice review MaloS - in particular really nicely written! Your use of metaphors, imagery and your writing style makes the headphones come alive on the written page - thanks for doing this dude!
  14. MiguelATF

    Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

    Just downloaded DECIBEL and it's intriguing....but have one question which I am afraid may be monumentally stupid but I'll ask it anyway: it seems the default font size when I open it on my MacBook Pro is relatively tiny - and I can't find a way to alter/customize the font size which the App...
  15. MiguelATF

    Denon 1001's vs. Creative Aurvana live

    Good thread.  Am thinking of getting either a set of used D1001's....or a new CAL!....but am curious about two things that have only been mentioned occasionally in this thread.  First is COMFORT - one poster said he found the CAL!/Aurvana's exceedingly uncomfortable - but I've read other reviews...
  16. MiguelATF

    Creative Aurvana Live! Review and Mods

    Nice review....interesting Mods.....makes me wish I had a pair to take a listen.....where have they all gone?
  17. MiguelATF

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    The CAL!'s are long gone from newegg....nowadays the only place they seem to be available is on  Amazon which sells them for Creative.....anyone know of any other good sources to find a pair, in early/mid 2011?
  18. MiguelATF

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    Are the Aurvana's really as comfortable - for long wearing sessions - as some people have said/are saying?  Sound is paramount....but comfort is seriously underrated IMHO, I'll give up a lot for extreme comfort.  Can you wear them for hours and hours comfortably?
  19. MiguelATF

    Show us your vintage headphones!

    This is a GREAT thread!  Am traveling right now so can't post a picture of my Sansui SS-20's which I bought back in the 70's and are still in fine shape - great cans, built like a tank, separate volume and bass/treble wheel controls on the outside of each can, heavy but surprisingly comfortable...
  20. MiguelATF

    Vintage Cans

    I bought my SS-20's mail order from Japan 35 years ago....they still sound great.  The ear pieces have gotten a little stiff....but they are nice (LARGE) classic cans
  21. MiguelATF

    Any info on Sansui SS-10?

    SS-20's were paper cone....?  Why do they sound so nice?  Doesn't the paper degrade a little after....40 years?!!!  Mine are great....definitely bulky and on the heavy side but nice to get out every once in a blue mooon.
  22. MiguelATF

    Sansui ss-80 impressions

    The SS-80's are sweet looking phones.  I still have a pair of SS-20's which, in spite of their bulk and weight, produce an astoundingly clear and strong listening experience.  I'm going to have to get them out again and have another listen.....  As Bob Dylan said, "The times they are a...
  23. MiguelATF

    Budget headphones

    IMHO the K24P's are definitely not 'garbage' as one poster said.  They have power and on some material render quite nicely, with punch and surprising (to some perhaps a little overblown) bass for such tiny cans.  I like them.
  24. MiguelATF

    AKG K24P blowing away Senn PX100???

    I'm not surprised....for some people, myself included, the K24P's are great tiny (and inexpensive) travel cans, with quite a bit of power and some sonority to them.
  25. MiguelATF

    AKG K12 P, K24 P any good?

    They can be comfortable....but there's also a relatively tight clamping action which makes them just a tad tight if you keep on them on for hours and have a biggish head (which I do).  But in spite of some of their deficiencies, they compare favorably to some of my vintage headphones, especially...