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  1. hughwi

    Arcam rHead Class-A Analogue Headphone Amplifier

    Please can I be added to the UK review list :-) HeadFi username: hughwi Location: London,UK Previous Reviews: None Equipment List: Headphones: HD800, HD650, LCD3, AKG701, Grado HF2, T1 and loads of IEMs Amps: B52, Sonnet DAC: Audiolab MDac, Sonos Connect
  2. hughwi

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Everyone has moved into new shiny things :-)
  3. hughwi

    Last buy .... old Beyerdynamic dt880 600 ohm ... any opinion ?

    Man - these are my second favourite headphone after my hd650s. I was sad the day the left driver died... I would recommend getting a transparent amp, as the beauty of these are how balanced they are - across all types of music. If you are a glasses wearer - they are about as comfy as you get...
  4. hughwi

    Help needed with balance headphones and CKIII Amp

    anyone else with the skills in the London area willing to have a look for me?
  5. hughwi

    Help needed with balance headphones and CKIII Amp

    thanks for the suggestions max, i have checked, and things look OK in terms of connectors....
  6. hughwi

    Help needed with balance headphones and CKIII Amp

    Hi guys,   I havent been around for a while, and recently pulled some of my gear out of storage, and unfortunately, the balanced DT770s and Balanced CKIII Amp that I bought of FallenAngel sometime ago (around 2008 I think) appear to have developed a fault. - The amp is fine on single output...
  7. hughwi

    Good Software to tag flac files?

    are there any new programs worth checking out?
  8. hughwi

    Spotify claims to be 320k, but I doubt it is. Any **real** high quality streaming music services?

    Qobuz has just partnered with SONUS, and I have signed up for a free trial, they offer Lossless streaming for a large part of their library, seems pretty bloody good so far!
  9. hughwi

    Qobuz lowers streaming prices

    I just want to add to this, they are now offering 1 month free trials of their lossless streaming service (and it appears to be £19.99/month usually).   I am trialling this, as I was looking for a lossless streaming service for my SONUS system (who they have just partnered with). Its a...
  10. hughwi

    DNA Sonett - First Impressions

    I purchased this off the forums yesterday evening, and I have to say, apart from being the most expensive amplifier I have bought to date, the mid-bass is phenomenal! I am listening to the balanced version with a pair of HD650s and I have never heard drums and bass guitars sound like this...
  11. hughwi

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Quote: Damn, I had completely forgotten about this album! I used to listen to this at least once a day! Thank You! Got the new tubes rolling and the HD650 is kicking it with style....
  12. hughwi

    What the???

    Quote: I also cannot post replies (be it threads or PM's) using the Safari browser on my iPhone....
  13. hughwi

    RSS Feed

    Quote: These are my exact sentiments too..... Either this, or fix the javascript issues so I can go back to using my iPhone to browse the forum...
  14. hughwi

    Site harder to navigate, and too reliant on javascript.

    OK, so I can understand that vbulletin was becoming a pain to administer (I am a web developer and system admin by trade), and I like aspects of the new look and feel. BUT this is absolutely HORRIBLE to use on an iPhone, the excess javascript just kills speed and battery life! Again like many...
  15. hughwi

    New Computer, New Soundcard Needed!

    I have bought a Hiface and am really happy with it!
  16. hughwi

    Usb 24 192khz M2tech Hiface

    I have just bought one of these off a friend, hooked it up to my PC feeding a Buffalo DAC over BNC, and it is a great improvement over the on board Realtek SPDIF out. Fantastic for the price of a reasonable soundcard, with the added bonus that I can take it anywhere with me, and use it on any...
  17. hughwi

    Closed headphone for RS1 Owner ???

    I would consider a pair of denon d2000's, I have just picked up a pair, and while they dont quite have the midrange of the RS1's I used to own, they are just as fun as the HF2's I have and can really get the feet tapping! They are not the best isolating closed can on the market though...
  18. hughwi

    Please help me find more music!

    Just like uraflit, I dont tend to organise my music by genres, I just enjoy what sounds good! I would suggest that you check out a couple of the following (if you haven't already): Towards the Metal end: Monster Magnet Black Sabbath Towards the Rock/Blues/Grunge End: Govt Mule...
  19. hughwi

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Dave Matthews Band - Shake Me Like A Monkey
  20. hughwi

    My Short Denon AH-D2000 Review (Compared to HD650s)

    I have just pulled the trigger on a used pair of D2000's, and havent really had a chance to properly listen to them yet, but on first impressions listening to some rock, they are great, but not as good as my grado HF2's (a little subdued). Whereas for acoustic/female vocals, they appear a little...
  21. hughwi

    New Computer, New Soundcard Needed!

    Hi all, I have just finished building myself a new computer, as I no longer need a laptop for portability. In my last desktop rig, I used an old M-Audio Delta DIO 2496 sound card however, the new system is going to be running Windows 7, and there do not appear to be any drivers for this...
  22. hughwi

    What was your best album/cd find of the year?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Head_case Susan Enan's "Plainsong" album: Susan Enan: Music (New) She opened for Over the Rhine and blew everyone away with her achingly beautiful voice. This is her debut album - a very mature and skilled one at that. It took over 6 years to piece...
  23. hughwi

    Anyone heard of Siege Audio?

    I came across this company earlier today, and they struck me as a more nieche version of skull candy for borders/skaters. I was wondering if anyone has heard/seen any of their products? The alpha series looks particularly interesting, especially for you Americans over there! Their...
  24. hughwi

    Headphone noise: I can hear hard drive spinning and noise when dragging windows

    The noose you are hearing is graphics card based, I would suggest that you use the rear ports to start with, as that will reduce the length of cable / routing and interference problems. However, if you are still getting problems, try moving your sound card as far away from the graphics card as...
  25. hughwi

    CANNOT remove stock sennheiser HD650 cable

    Trust me, I laughed ALOT... after I had managed to remove the mangled piece of plastic that had been tormenting me for about 20 minutes. I suppose it was worth it, shame I cannot compare it to anything anymore! Oh Well!