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    A master DAC killer, SMSL SU-X

    From entry-level to high-end, SMSL ensures every music lover can afford a well-performing DAC. Mentioning several successful series, the SU line should be put forward. Today, follow their popular SU-10, another detail-oriented DAC comes out at US$999, the SU-X! Thanks to careful design, SU-X...
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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Alert

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales will end in 2days! The deals you have been waiting for 1 year is about to close! Don't slip it away! Most hottest items offer 15% discount, up to 38% off! For thanking your supports, SHENZHENAUDIO offer: - TWO-YEAR-WARRANTY - 30-day price guarantee - Lowest...
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    The Ultimate 11.11 Global Sales Turns On!

    No buyers don't know about 11.11 SALES! It's a biggest annual global shopping festival, at that time, you're able to purchase your favorite stuffs at the most reasonable price basket! With more than 30+brands ranging from amplifiers, DACs, headphones, and players, etc, offering their incrediable...
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    2023 End-of-Season Sale is up!

    Grab great offers & discounts on the End Of Season Sale 2023 on a wide range of audio equipment collections, this event of up to 20% off storewide is ON NOW, happening on Aug 21-27, PST, you can shop for your desired items at highly affordable rates! Check it out now! This annual event...
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    MOONDROP Seventh Anniversary Edition, Beautiful World

    It's the project last year, and cost 1 year to accomplish.
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    MOONDROP Seventh Anniversary Edition, Beautiful World

    You Deserve a Beautiful World! Founded in 2015, MOONDROP, as a HiFi audio manufacturer, integrates industrial creativity and design, technological R&D, mass-production, and multi-channel marketing, and gets high praise from numerous end-users for its excellent performance and unique design...
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    A brand-new music streamer, MATRIX MINI-I 4

    mini-i 4 doesn't feature the amp, the mini-i PRO 4 has. :)
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    A brand-new music streamer, MATRIX MINI-I 4

    The 2 models are in different series, they can't compare directly. The mini-i series is the entry level of Matrix Audio, but the element series is high end level in Matrix Audio product lines. In addition, the element S includes a high quality audio interface in it, this part equals to an...
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    A brand-new music streamer, MATRIX MINI-I 4

    Matrix, as a rich-experienced brand, they're professional on the streamer and audio equipment! They have brought the well-designed element series and X-SABRE series, all of which are aiming at high-end level! And today, they update their mini-i series, and turn their step to the mid-range...
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    It has 15% off, starting from June 12 00:00 PT:)
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    Giveaway at the end! The much-awaited MID-YEAR SALES is back, running June 12-18 PT( US Pacific Time) with discounts of up to 25%! Bundle deals include Headphones, DACs, Amplifiers, and Streamers, etc. Storewide will see 15% off most products from the likes of manufacturers. Now's the time to...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZERO:RED is Ready!

    A shiny RED star rise! You might notice some "red" information on some social accounts several times. Now, let's unveil it! It has been nearly 1 year since the TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZERO was introduced, as we all know, it got highly well-praised and became a hit. And today, a sister version of...
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    TOPPING D70PRO SABRE DAC and A70PRO Amplifier is Up

    TOPPING gives you a new option for the mid-range DAC and Amplifier combo. As one of China's most technically advanced international competitive audio manufacturers, TOPPING provides numerous incredible devices, including digital DAC, HP amplifiers, and Preamplifiers. And today, we'll look at...
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    Bad news for our new IEM: we are on a budget. Good news: the performance is not budgeted

    It's available at, :ksc75smile:
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    TOPPING PA7/PA7 Plus Power Amplifier are obtainable!

    Amazing power and sound quality from a tiny desktop. --- PA7/PA7 Plus TOPPING is a worldwide famous manufacturer since their giant killers, covering DACs, amplifiers, and Power amplifiers. This time, another small and simple power amplifiers come up, the PA7/ PA7 Plus, that can bring a lot...
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    The blessing has returned and it's only getting better: blessing 3 is up to the game

    The nozzle is thinner than Blessing2, it's 5.8mm. Thank you
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    The Biggest 328 Spring Sales Turn On!

    Are you ready for a fresh sales in 2023? If you're screaming "yes", it definitely meets all your requirements as return! The 328 Spring sales has been lifted the curtain to provide you the 100% best deals, happening on Mar 20-26 PT. We're rounding up some of the must-purchase items for this...
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    Truthear New Arrivals, IEM and DAC/AMP are on!

    Today, Truthear announces two record-breaking HiFi gears, HOLA IEM and SHIO portable DAC/AMP at US$18.99 and US$69.99 separately! HOLA is designed with the interchangeable cable, and it uses an improved 11MM internal magnetic circuit matured dynamic driver, offering an excellent linear...
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    Countdown to Black Friday x Cyber Monday sales!

    Missed 11.11 sales? No worries! Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 sales are around to corner with the same biggest deals, taking place November 24th-29th PT. We're scanning the best catalog and providing the best/lowest discount for you! Check it out at SHENZHENAUDIO. 60+ brands at the best...
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    MOONDROP flagship TWS, ALICE is released!

    The best TWS? It's a question we get asked a lot. You might get your answer after reading. And portable listening gear is ideal given the daily commute, right? Users who want a pair of earbuds that sound audiophile-grade and are well-built, read on! MOONDROP proves that you can pack true...
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    11.11 Sales -The Biggest Online Shopping Festival in the World

    As we all know, The world’s largest retail event, double 11 sales, is the biggest online shopping festival in the world, customers can purchase their favorite stuff at their budget price tag! Of course, SHENZHENAUDIO will join this spectacular sales and provide our unbeatable deals from November...
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    TOPPING E70 DAC & L70 AMP is up!

    It's indicated on the detailed page, here is.