TOPPING PA7/PA7 Plus Power Amplifier are obtainable!
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Jun 4, 2013
Amazing power and sound quality from a tiny desktop. --- PA7/PA7 Plus


TOPPING is a worldwide famous manufacturer since their giant killers, covering DACs, amplifiers, and Power amplifiers. This time, another small and simple power amplifiers come up, the PA7/ PA7 Plus, that can bring a lot of music at a reasonable amount of money! Keep reading to find out the details!


The PA7 and PA7 Plus utilize a new Class D amplifier circuit with a variety of exclusive optimization techniques, which have powerful low-distortion performance and power output. These technologies ensure a clearer, cleaner, deeper sound without any background noise. In addition, the balanced structure is able to reduce the variability of noise during transmission, thus enabling better performance of the audio source and avoiding wasted performance during transmission.


The distortion performance of PA7 and PA7 Plus is matching good-performing DACs. The distortion stayed extremely low before clipping. This ensures consistent listening pleasure across volume levels.


The PA7 series amplifiers are less than half the size of an A4 sheet of paper, but they are all capable of delivering 210W x 2 (PA7) or 300W x 2 (PA7 Plus) to a 4Ω load at 10% distortion. If the higher standard 1% distortion is used as a requirement, the 4Ω load will output 200W x 2 (PA7) or 245W X 2 (PA7 Plus) respectively. Moreover, these high power outputs and low distortion characteristics are sufficient to meet the needs of most speakers and applications.


The E70 and E70 Velvet have preamp functions and have the exact same design language as the PA7 series amplifiers, and the signal can be transmitted between the DAC and the amplifier via XLR, TRS balanced, or RCA cables.


You can control the volume on PA7 and PA7 Plus,on set to bypass the volume control of PA7 and PA7 Plus,then you can use a better pre-amplifier for volume control.

The PA7 and PA7 Plus can be perfectly paired with the E70, E70 Velvet and L70 to instantly unlock a more comprehensive system of high-quality music experiences, from digital sources to speakers and headphones.


PA7 series is equipped with a 12V Trigger input trigger interface, which can be linked with other devices to switch on and off. One button to light up and turn on synchronously.


To put it simply, If you're looking for an ideal balanced power amplifier for matching your system, check out PA7 / PA7 Plus, they will make sure to meet your sound requirements at an inexpensive price tag of US$449 / USD$549.

As always, any suggestions, comments, and feedback are welcome, live chat with us or email for any support you want.
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