TOPPING D70PRO SABRE DAC and A70PRO Amplifier is Up
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Jun 4, 2013
TOPPING gives you a new option for the mid-range DAC and Amplifier combo.


As one of China's most technically advanced international competitive audio manufacturers, TOPPING provides numerous incredible devices, including digital DAC, HP amplifiers, and Preamplifiers. And today, we'll look at the mid-range stack of the 70 series, D70PRO SABRE and A70PRO, coming in at US$699 and US$499 separately!


D70 Pro SABRE:
It adopts the flagship decoding chip ES9039SPRO and 3rd generation XMOS XU-316 for achieving better performance. Besides, D70 Pro SABRE combines with the new IV conversion circuitry, which uses an exclusive design that provides lower distortion and noise while occupying a smaller volume. TOPPING strives to demonstrate the full performance of our DAC chips to bring you a more superior audio experience.


The D70 Pro SABRE achieves a new level of musical reproduction capability with the finest details. It supports LDAC/ aptX-Adaptive / aptX HD / aptX /AAC/ SBC audio encoding, allows high-quality audio to be transmitted wirelessly for a better sound experience.


Meanwhile, D70 Pro SABRE has wide compatibility and can be used on multiple operating systems, such as Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC, Linux, and iOS/Android. Simply connect to the audio source and you can use it immediately. It requires driver installation and setup for ASIO applications on Windows systems only. The USB hardware is based on XMOS XU316 and Thesycon custom driver (applicable to Windows, other systems are free of driver), which is stable and reliable.


In addition to the fixed output level DAC mode, the D70 Pro SABRE also has a "preamp" mode. In this mode, the D70 Pro SABRE can adjust the volume and output directly to the power amplifier or active speakers.

D70 Pro SABRE can memorize the output volume of "Single Ended", "Balanced" and "All" modes respectively. And the next time the output is selected, it automatically reverts to the last used volume.


A70 PRO:

As a fully balanced headphone amplifier, A70 Pro uses the T'ang-ku-la Module, further reducing noise and high-frequency distortion, making the dynamic range rise to an unmatched 147dB new realm. The new technology greatly reduces heat generation, thus greatly improving reliability, extending electronic component life, and reducing thermal noise.


The newly developed ultra-low noise input stage further improved the noise performance of balanced input and increased the input impedance to 20KΩ thus having better compatibility with incoming devices. The gain architecture has also been redesigned to further reduce noise and distortion at high gain states than the previous architecture.


A70 Pro uses relays and resistor networks to form R2R volume control module, which providing precise volume control, long service life, and will not deviate even at low volume.

Same as almost the amplifier TOPPING made, A70 Pro also offers the GND/LIFT switch to cancel the ground loop noise.


Except for working as a headphone amplifier, A70Pro can also be used as a preamp. It has the same high performance as the headphone amp mode, with an RCA output impedance of only 502 and an XLR output impedance of only 1002, allowing it to be used with a wide range of input impedance for various power amplifiers. In addition, a full-featured remote control makes operation even easier.


In terms of the design language, A70Pro and D70Pro SABRE introduce the Aurora UI design, full-colour screen and three touch buttons for bringing a new experience. On the front panel, the volume knob can access the customized functions. Both can meet the needs of the vast majority of headphones and active speakers. The A70 Pro and D70 Pro SABRE can be switched on and off in conjunction via the 12V Trigger connector, allowing the A70 Pro to be synchronized with the D70 Pro SABRE for automatic or manual switching.


If you're looking for a beautiful and sleek-looking DAC and AMP at a reasonable price tag, just move to this incredible desktop stack, it won't let you down based on the competitive features. As always, any suggestions, comments, and feedback are welcome, live chat with us or email for any support you want.

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Fully balanced A70 Pro... Humm, my A30 Pro still the SE Topping king.
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Shame the DAC doesn't use flagship AKM. Still, it's an interesting combination. Looks very smart.
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Sheesh...147db of dynamic range?! - Wouldn't that make this the best HP amp of all time?
May 9, 2023 at 1:54 PM Post #11 of 38
Worth noting that the dynamic range measurement alone is not really a great metric for headphone amps. Assuming noise floor doesn't move, you can increase dynamic range by just upping the max output voltage to levels you'd never need, and it gives no indication of power at lower impedances etc. Dynamic range (AES17) is more useful for DACs.
Noise level is a better actual metric as that'll be representative for how it's gonna be for IEMs etc. The claimed spec of 107dB SNR @ 50mV is....well significant, but it'll be interesting to see third party testing.

Also the specs seem to be disagreeing with eachother in various places.

Power spec is listed as 12.6W @ 32 Ohms in some places and 10W in others, but then also noted that the very low distortion figures are only applicable upto 2W


It'll be interesting to see the THD vs output level curve on this. Display definitely looks neat though, more stuff needs VU meters
May 9, 2023 at 2:23 PM Post #12 of 38
I like the meters + the crazy output levels, will be interested for inefficient headphones I guess.

Then again I thought A90 discrete was especially good for low impedance headphones, while A70Pro is apparently more powerful? A70 Pro is not discrete, right? Will an A70D follow then :s because the product lines is getting confusing with A70Pro>=D90SE, A70Pro>=A90 ........ confusing is like an understatement. Why not call these A100/D100 lol
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Waiting for a ROHM chip in the TOPPING :skull:

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