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  4. Mr Joboto

    Trying to decide between Alessandro MS-1i and the ATH-M50s

    I'd recommend the MS-1s based upon your criteria :)
  5. Mr Joboto

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Inception. 9.5/10
  6. Mr Joboto

    Best "audiophile" on-ear headphone

    ESW10s aren't a massive improvement over ESW9s, I would recommend either of them however.
  7. Mr Joboto

    The Top 5 IEM's you have heard or want to hear...

    Want to hear: SM3, SE535, IE8, PL50, RE0
  8. Mr Joboto

    Trying out a new sound...

  9. Mr Joboto

    Questions about ESW9

    The ESW9 is pretty durable, of course it isn't indestructible however. I love the sound of the ESW9, which is very warm, and has smooth mids. I believe the DBA-02 has a neutral sound sig which would be very different.
  10. Mr Joboto

    James444's IEM giveaway thread (competition has ended - see post #344 and #354 for winners!)

    I'm curious to hear the CK100 mids, and probably wouldn't want to hear the FX500 due to my tastes in midrange. Although something along the lines of the Atrio might be a guilty pleasure for me :)    Your generosity is commendable :)
  11. Mr Joboto

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    Haven't been able to listen to my 650s for a while.. stupid DACMagic with no PSU :(
  12. Mr Joboto

    MEElectronics "M What?" Promotion

    Still waiting, and pondering purchasing the M6 on its own!
  13. Mr Joboto

    Are iPods a no-go for audiophiles?

    Quote: By 'cool' I meant 'happy' :P   And I run a DACMagic/Talisman setup into HD650s and MS-Pros, I still enjoy my iPod straight out into ESW9s just as much.
  14. Mr Joboto

    good portable headphones?

    What sort of a budget do you have?
  15. Mr Joboto

    MEElectronics "M What?" Promotion

    Quote: I actually hope I get a P model ;)
  16. Mr Joboto

    whats the best portable player for under $100

    Good choice, would recommend it too :)
  17. Mr Joboto

    Are iPods a no-go for audiophiles?

    I'm cool with my iPod. Can't wait till the next Touch comes out, I'm gonna snap one up :)
  18. Mr Joboto

    MEElectronics "M What?" Promotion

    Well, mine's been shipped, can't wait to see what I get!
  19. Mr Joboto

    MEElectronics "M What?" Promotion

    Well, I was going to buy the SM3s, but meh, shelling out 40AUD for a random earphone promotion sounds much better :P Especially since I don't have to worry about babying them too much :) Guess this'll be my first decent IEM!
  20. Mr Joboto

    Ultrasone Edition 10 announced!

    Not a fan of the look :/