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    Opinions on Sony? (Specifically V6/7506)

    Years ago, when I still lurked head-fi, MDR-v6 was a pretty popular entry level headphone. In fact, the MDR-v6 was my first decent headphone purchase. I don't know how it compares to the newer entry level headphones that are currently favored on head-fi, but I still enjoy music with it while on...
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    What makes RSA amps any better(or more $$) than my CMOY?

    If that's the case and you are satisfied with the cmoy, then that is your good fortune. I find the sonic differences between different solid state amps are much less noticeable compared to the sonic differences between different series of headphones. The same goes for DACs.
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    Why are audiophiles such an addiction?

    Quote: I can certainly attest to that. I'm pretty satisfied with my W5000, though at times I do feel a tinge of desire to try electrostats (and my wallet cringes in fear). Usually you don't hear much from these people because they don't frequent the forums as much. When I first started...
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    Darnit my Paypal got hacked! Need advice and hope that I can still get my money back...

    It's probably the malware that stole your password that's preventing you from connecting to paypal. have you tried booting into safemode to run your antivirus and spyware scanners? Here's the IP address of paypal as of this posting -
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    Help with a reference audiophile grade setup

    Here's a brief comparison between the K501 and the following headphones: AKG K701 balanced - The K701 is somewhat warmer but still share many similarities in sound signature. It's been a long time since I've heard these so I can't help you with a more detailed comparison, though I'm sure...
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    k240m or k501 midrage ...?

    The K240M sounds noticeably darker than the k501. The K501 is superior in terms of clarity, resolution, and transient response (on a headfive/arietta). The midrange of the K240M is decent but the strong midbass may interfere sometimes. If you are a big fan of the K501 sound signature, then the...
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    Gaming Headphones - You Choose 2008.

    I would suggest trying the 880s before buying. They have a very distinct sound signature which can be painfully unbearable to some.
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    Denon warranty on Amazon Marketplace

    Do the Denons from the Amazon Marketplace sellers come with their serial numbers intact? In particular, I'm considering the d1001k as a gift so if anybody has info on the relevant amazon marketplace sellers (e.g. BuyNow inc., etc.) please let me know, it would be much appreciated. Also, are...
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    Why are Grado phones so expensive in Europe?

    Why not use something like <- seems to be similar to pricejapan, but I don't know what the fees are.
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    Iron triangle is simply the Chinese name Audio Technica markets itself under in China.
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    Desperate k701 owner need help

    Make sure your equalizer or any other type of digital sound "enhancements" are off. My K501s, even when driven with cheap amps like the CMoy, do not sound muddy and I would imagine that K701s would perform similarly in this aspect. Perhaps you're not using the correct term or you're not being...
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    Review: DT880, K271S, W1000, MS Ultimate, SR303 (very long)

    Great review, the MS Ultimate sounds pretty interesting. How does its treble balance compare to the DT880 (I'm assuming that your pair sounds the same as the stock version) and the stock K271s? I also have a feeling that your millet hybrid may not be the best match for your lower impedance cans...
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    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DoomzDayz or perhaps the acoustic halls I have been to accentuate treble or cancellations in the mids and lower frequencies. I have not played violin so my experience is limited, and I don't logically seeing our sensitivities being a factor because we are...
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    AKG experts - K501, K601, K701

    Regarding the number of conflicting opinions- My guess is that the differences between these phones/drivers are small enough such that the equipment used, how the phones are positioned on the head and/or the differences in how each of us perceive sound may each have a significant bearing in the...
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    Is there any need for a DT880 ('05) if you already have a K701?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gilency Violins don't sound unnatural in the DT880. Although everybody's hears different, many people will agree with me that strings, including violin sound quite good, not unnatural at all. As I have mentioned earlier, certain people may enjoy the...