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    Down to 2 choice, can't decide !

    The iriver meets all of your requirements...but the one thing it does lack is style, if you can live with that then go for it. Oh, and firmware updates are non existant, but the things you need won't be affected by that. With that said, I like my iriver very much, BUT for the design...IMO...
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    Putting in MD33s

    I just put them straight in and give them a slight turn to get the wire into the right position.
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    what EQ do you use on your ihp-1XX?

    Bass: 10 Treb: 6 Sharp MD33s
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    The EX71 thread -- intrigued by Sony EX71s -- what do you know about them?

    What mod did you do digdub? The foam in the canal one? I have the MD33s and I really like them, I think they could use a tiny bit cleaner high end, but they are still really nice. The fit is amazingly comfortable. The only bad things about it are the 4 pole plug requiring the adapter cable...
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    FM Radio for IHP players

    It is ok, only the more powerful stations will be picked up. I don't live in a heavy populated area so your results may vary.
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    Sharp HP-MD33

    It is 3 ft.
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    Sharp HP-MD33

    Quote: Originally Posted by earful if i remember correctly, one of the reviews on the audio cubes site discusses a mod to avoid use of the extension. Yeah, but soldering (and filing) the original 4 pole headpone jack is not something I'm willing to do. The 4-3 cable is just...
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    Sharp HP-MD33

    I have no idea about the 4 to 3 pole converter, I would like one myself. Preferably, it would be something like 3 inches. Anyways, I have a Sharp MD unit with 4 pole output, and I don't really notice a difference between 4 and 3 pole use.
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    My Sharp HP-MD33 mod

    could anyone post some pictures of this mod so I can get an idea of what it is supposed to look like?
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    Sharp HP-MD33S - it doesn't get much better

    about 50$ shipped for me.
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    Sharp HP-MD33S - it doesn't get much better

    At first glance, the title made it seem like the phones really sucked, glad that's not the case . Mine should be coming in next week, I'll post my impressions then.
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    Looks like iHP-1xx 52 char limit solved

    post about it here: It looks like your id3v2 tags have to be in order though.
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    E3c's compare how well to normal headphones?

    came out about to 50 for me shipped - 9 $ shipping
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    E3c's compare how well to normal headphones?

    ok, thanks ppl. I have decided to go for the MD33's since I probably don't want too much isolation like baies said.
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    Best Headphone for around 30 bucks.

    Tha's going to be tough to find without going used...probably the closest things are PX200, and used Senn 280 pros.