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    Tube amplifiers and solid state, is it worth having both ?

    Same here. Convert from the 90s - once i hear music from a single ended triode amp, i sold my 5-figure Stereophile-approved yadda-yadda solid stage rig and have never looked back. But a few things to keep in mind - there is no such thing as a "tube" sound. It depends on the architecture...
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    Earphone/Earbud/IEM Recommendations for Classical?

    I am a big classical buff (more orchestral rather than baroque/chamber stuff, though), and i find the sound signatures of the Shures does a very good job with recreating the timbre and acoustics of music as heard in a concert hall.
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    How to compare headphones?

    The day you can figure how to identify a perfect headphone by its response curve is the day you start making a lot of money in this industry.
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    Shure SE846 still worth the cost in mid 2017?

    Honestly, after 2 decades of listening to good audio on 2 channel audio, I find imaging and soundstaging in headphones to not be anything worth obsessing over as it matches nothing in reality. My comment was geared towards all headphones (Sennheiser HD800s are the only pair I have that don't...
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    I'm looking for a Warm but Neutral sounding Over ear headphone under $700

    I have SE846s and love them. The ATH W1000Xs dont sound anything like them. Oppo PM-1s do, kinda. The LCD2s have similar characteristics. I'd say try the Audeze EL-8s? I havent heard them, though, but if they have the Audeze sound, they might be worth trying out. Otherwise, Senn...
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    Looking to get new headphones/IEMS for listening to heavy metal, narrowed some choices but could use some help!

    Honestly, i disagree with the idea of sound being flat - atleast for what i consider reference: the sound of unamplified instruments as heard live. In a concert hall, treble falls off more, bass resonates in the hall (ie, there is no such thing as "tight" bass), etc. etc. Where/how...
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    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Thanks for that, @PaganDL. Will be checking them out on the 4th before buying. I no longer buy based on online reviews anyway (i was reading a well-known headphone site that described a headphone as having stronger-than-usual bass, forward mids and extended highs!!! Basically, it seems as...
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    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    @CANiSLAYu - I can understand if you feel differently but please don't presume to call my POV a "silly" argument for that reason. The cost of other gear, the cost of cables, etc is completely irrelevant to the notion of requiring a third party solution for $500 as the only way to get better...
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    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    I have 3 Audeze products, have the LCD-4 as a purchase for next year once i shift homes and came across this link while trying to get info on how to best pair the iSines with Android phones. Correct me if i am wrong, but to get a DSP pre-sets for headphones that already very expense (this part...
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    Shure SE846 still worth the cost in mid 2017?

    I have the SE 846s. They still sound great to me. At this point, headphone technology isnt new (not talking to you, iSines): it is primarily a matter of how stuff is voiced. And the 846s are voiced near-perfectly (I tried the demo version of the Noble Kaisers and didnt find the difference...
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    Dynamic, warm, rich IEM - $350-500

    Been out of the market for a while, but am looking for something more grab-and-go than my SE846s with custom molded tips, and wanted to get some suggestions. I've been reading up and there are a lot of new brands, but most of them tend to be V shaped or "neutral". I dont want neutral. I want...
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    HE 500 with balanced cable

    Sold last week. My apologies for not replying to the replies here - i dont really come around Head-fi that much anymore and while i have been replying to all the PMs I have gotten, i didnt get notification of these posts.
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    good bass in classical music

    I agree with the OP and @Claritas - a good, realistic bass response is what gives weight and timbral accuracy to a lot of instruments.       I think this whole "classical music requires air" claptrap comes from those who listen to baroque/chamber music or other small ensembles - cos an...
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    HE 500 with balanced cable

    Am selling my HE500 with both the original stock cable and a Forza Audio Works copper series balanced cable (1.25m).   The headphones are in pristine condition, but the latch on the box is broken.  I will send detailed photos before completing the transaction, of course.   Price is $450 +...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Anyone know if the 5800 song limit has been fixed?