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    the subi
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    How many pairs of headphones do you own?

    Own 4, but that's the average I think.
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    Some OVERRATED High End Gear.

    Going back to the beginning of the thread.... I have to defend Bel Canto some. I own both the S300iu and DAC 2.5 and couldn't be happier. Of course its not the most uber-perfect rig that everyone thinks that theirs is, but it works for me. The S300iu runs a pair of paradigm studio 60s and love...
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    Upgrading Grado SR80 cables

    I just recabled my sr80i with 22 ga. jumper wire from dh labs. Just braided it up, terminated, and installed. Sounds great too. For $30 bucks it was a great improvement, especially after 50 hours or so.
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    Which bands are still recording analog?

    Cmon guys, you can't forget about the White Stripes. Jack White even does his own tube rolling in the studio.
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    My mind is starting to melt.

    I would take a look at the PS Audio DL3 dac. Has USB, optical, and coaxial inputs. Upsamples to 96 and 192, fully balanced (even has xlr outputs), and even sounded better than a McIntosh dac used in a $150k 2 channel setup and that dac was $4k! I love mine. U can pick one up for $695.
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    What is your age/occupation?

    22- diesel technician
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    Ordered HD800/PS1000 // Interest in HD800/PS1000 // Wait and see

    My PS1000's will be in this week. I tend to love the grado house sound. I've owned the HD650's and 600's and sold them both.
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    PS-1000 anyone?

    Mine will be in tomorrow. My local dealer had to constant be on their tail for them to ship for some reason.
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    Any opinions on the Sony MDR-V700DJ?

    I own a set of V700DJs and would not recommend them unless you really like bass. personally I think the koss portapros would be a better choice for the money. Second of all, if you find a pair for 50 bucks they are used or a chinese knock-off.
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    Organizing all that music. How?!?!

    I would highly recommend a program called Tune-Up companion. Its a iTunes add-on for 30 dollars. Load up the songs and it will search gracenote and update all of the id3 tags automatically. I then let iTunes organize my library. It's simple, painless and takes alot less time.
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    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: K701 HD650 + Cardas DT880 SR60, 80i, 325i, & GS1000i Want or try: PS1000 HD800 R10 Omega2 K1000
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    Which one will it be: Sennheiser 650 or Beyerd 880 or AKG 702?

    Take a look at the line-up from Grado. The RS2i and up are very pleasing to listen to.
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    gs1000 pads on rs-1

    I actually dont mind the sound. I have a set of SR325i's and I put the GS1K pads on them every once n a while just to get a variety of sound. I like treble as you can tell.