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    Compact Budget FM tuner for Lepai LP-2020A+ rig?

    Mrs. Tradja likes the new Lepai LP-2020A+ --> Mission MS-50 rig in the living room of our new apartment, but has asked for FM tuner capability.  I pitched the idea of a vintage full-size tuner (for example, a NAD 4020A or any one of the hundreds of others on eBay), but this ruins the compact...
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    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    I will be driving in from Bend Saturday a.m. If anyone needs a ride from Central Oregon or anywhere along the way in (Hwy 97/26), let me know.
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    What would you buy for a newbie, K240 or HD555?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sgrossklass I'd say HD555 - no pleather pads (unlike K240S stock), more upfront mids. Yes, they're slightly recessed, but oh, those K240S...
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    PCDP for Sister-in-Law?

    YamiTenshi and gshan, those are great suggestions and add some good options. Thanks! BTW, by "clean", I mean a simple and uncluttered design. The Best Buy I work at does not seem to carry the EJ120 Back to ebay.
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    PCDP for Sister-in-Law?

    Those Sony's are cool, but I'm leaning towards something with cleaner lines. My sister-in-law is into punk culture and works at a bookstore -- "clean", "design-y", and "metal" will be a better gift than a techy mini-UFO. Also, this will be a replacement for some generic PCDP that crapped out...
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    Backpacking, please advise

    I'd strongly suggest the e2c or even the EX71. I love isolation when I travel, and while I love my KSC35, I wouldn't consider them for planes, buses, trains, hostels, airports, etc, because of the lack of isolation. You've got some great suggestions here. You really can't go wrong. Pick a...
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    PCDP for Sister-in-Law?

    Thanks for the good suggestions. The 550 looks absolutely great, but seems to be about 3x my price range ( ). The 400 does look unmistakably like a toilet seat. (sorry, apnk! ). I'm looking at a used or NOS 350. Any other ideas?
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    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gigabomber Sounds great for those who have chimed in, but I haven't heard hide nor hair of the other seven I messaged days ago. I need to double-check with work today but Sat, Jan 7 sounds good to me!
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    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    I can do any Weds evening, Thurs anytime, or Fri anytime in the stated date range of December 18th, a Sunday, to January 13th, a Saturday.
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    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    I am very interested in attending an Oregon meet. My schedule is pretty flexible, especially after the holidays (I work retail). Other than that, Weds evenings, Thursdays or Fridays are best for me. (Giga, YGPM.)
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    starter tube amp (need help)

    Quote: Originally Posted by jas_kidd32 hi i'm thinking of buying an amp, and i'm thinking of getting one of the less expensive tube amps. My options came down to two amps pricing at approximately $150US, these are the Little Dot II and V.A.L. E10 tube amp. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Pictures of ATH-A500s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jeri534 If anyone has pictures of actual photos of ATH-A500s in action or any pictures at all could you post them here please? asked: Quote: Originally Posted by jeri534 My ATH-A500s arrive in 2 days and I need something to...
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    When were headphones invented?

    Quote: Originally Posted by afobisme i thought it was the vietnam war? What, M*A*S*H? It's Korea.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by gshan Hey, not bad. Have you ordered from them before? I'd like to get some cards for my mom. I haven't ordered from them before. I just placed an order with, we'll see. I just noticed the cans theme card on and...