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    MP3 players... Help me choose...

    go buy yourself a MP3/CD player. In terms of media, CD-Rs are the cheapest by far. And with MP3 format, 700mb of MP3 to carry around is WAY more then enough. If you can live with the Jukebox size, you will have no problems with the lighter MP3/CD. Most of them also have long battery life then...
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    Coolest. Portable. Ever.

    Its been out for some time already (at least 7 months). tons of it everywhere on display in Japan, but no one is buying it. The quality is not that great. Even with a 3" screen, you can see alot of flaws. just my 0.02
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    Best CD + MP3 player?

    Quote: Originally posted by imdisturbedbyyou no i dont, plus there will always be new mp3 cd players and better and better cmoming out....just get the 350, the 500 is supposeduly su[pposed to come out next november(RUMORS!) I agree with this. Just get the whatever sutes you NOW, if...
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    is there any Mp3 player with optical out?

    Panasonic CT-800 MP3/WAV/CD player has line and optical out.
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    Best CD + MP3 player?

    I looked into this before, and actually still a fence sitter at the moment. For me, its between IMP400 and Panasonic CT-800. Read through Tina's report about the bad headphone out on the Pana CT-800 and I went to some stores to check it out... I found that its actually not THAT bad to my...
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    CT-800 Question

    Any update?
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    CF MP3 Player?

    Just read the frontierlabs website. They now have the NexIIe model avaliable which draws power with USB cable when downloading / uploading songs. I wonder if this could be used as a external AC power (in terms of charging battery). Complex: You have seen this unit? I notice you are from...
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    2 new sexy PCDP's

    how much is the TDK? I didnt see indication of price on the website given. And man, I.O data stuff is getting pretty expensive.. 21,000 yen?!?! thats between the IMP-350 and IMP400 here in Japan
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    Line out quality on Iriver IMP350

    Well, I just found out the release date for IMP400 was YESTERDAY. So I will be picking up one this weekend. Waited a while and no one really have a good report on he Panasonice CT-800 (except for Tina's). So Iwill take the IMP400 instead. Judging by the spec, the lineouts are probably...
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    CT-800 Question

    Any update?
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    Panasonic SL-CT800 CD/MP3 Player impressions

    Hey all, newbie question here. I am really quite shocked to hearing about the poor performance of the CT-800. I am interested to know HOW bad is it exactly? I am living in Japan, and somehow I cant find the slimX here anywhere. The Sony are at a discount and Pana CT800 are showing up all...
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