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    Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds

    Quote: I recall reading a story about the Milwaukee Pabst factory, and the attempts at redevelopment, much earlier this year, so I believe he is referring to  
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    I hate DVD's with forced previews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote: Hit EJECT.  Then reload the disk into the drive.  As the disk is spinning up hit STOP, then MENU.    In the case of disks like that, you must interrupt the load code during the initial startup.  As the disk is being initially read STOP so that the player does not disable the...
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    Petition: I would like the old site back (or other choice)

    Quote: Huh?!  I believe this is because most of you are using a non-color calibrated workflow.   On my calibrated screens this forum is now all pastel blue-grays.  The main background reads as e7eaf0 an extremely pale blue-gray (231:234:240 in RGB).  The post headings are a...
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    Reading reviews with a bag of salt?

    ALL reviews must be "taken with a grain of salt".  ALL - every single one.   A review is a personal opinion, nothing more.  The problem with personal opinions as reviews is that the principle of the review is comparison : one item against another.  The issue with such a comparison is How...
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    Petition: I would like the old site back (or other choice)

      Quote: I believe some of the "justification for this change" can be discovered with my setup - Firefox 3.5.9 with NoScript (in other words, all the newest stuff).   Thanks to NoScript I get to see every single thing that a website does "behind the scenes" in terms of...
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    Best record cleaner

      Quote: The Discwasher was always "like corduroy".  I used them back from 1986 - wood and "corduroy" it was then, as well.   After a quick look at the "new" Discwasher (that would be "new new" Discwasher, because the 1980's Discwashers were "new" (a mod of previous versions) as...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Kick-Ass: 5 /10   A movie designed for the target audience, read: teenage comic readers and those who love them.  I had a group of 19 yearold-something behind me and they were laughing it up at the stupidest things...while my buddy and I were sitting there without a bit of humor on our...
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    Best record cleaner

    Many years ago, the best record cleaner pad system out there was Signet's (the high-end division of Audio Technica).  Unlike the simple felt pad of the Discwasher, the Signet pad was made up of a felt pad with small, semi-stiff nylon bristles that were slightly longer than the felt interspersed...
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    Aren't you lucky I was passing by? Here's (what should be) a solution for your problem. As a few noted, the problem that creates smells is bacteria. You have to get rid of the bacteria. How to clean a carpet of bacteria: - best way is to rent out a hot water "steam" carpet cleaner...
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    Poll: Were the moon landings fake?

    Quote: Originally Posted by limpidglitch Already talked about. Supposedly an unmanned aircraft left it. Yes, thanks, I found it Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism This shows me you haven't thought about it; Is it completely unfathomable to think of an unmanned...
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    Poll: Were the moon landings fake?

    Quote: Originally Posted by SonicArmada Graphicism, I googled a few of your "points" and a few came up verbatim on moon hoax sites. Why can't you build your own questions instead of blindly following like we sheep do? Never mind that, for the conspiracy theorists, the lunar...
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    SoundMAGIC PL30 impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by ckhirnigs113 I'd love to hear someone compare the PL-30 and NE-8 at some point. Well, then, here you are - ask and you shall receive! The NE-8's are more detailed and open in the mids through top end. However...they are also MUCH thinner in the...
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    My Car is a Lemon

    Quote: Originally Posted by John2e They have offered me a replacement vehichle today. I rejected it I want a refund At least that's a huge improvement from their original stance - you're getting somewhere. Note that refund will be much harder to negotiate than...
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    Landmark music piracy case

    Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert 'pre-law' is not a term of endearment I know That's why it's also funny I am certainly not too big to pop my own bubble. Keep 'em coming!
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    ZUNE HD -Vaporware

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins ^^...and Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Longhorn, Windows 95, Internet Explorer 2 and Microsoft Bob. :P so, is Snake another of the dozens of MS haters in a MS related thread ? Hey, I like the Zune Flash models; the HDD Zune models...