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    The most beautiful headphones you know of?

    Its hard to beat the leather head....Now now, all bow down in respect for the L3000's! And its shiny little cousin, the ES7...
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    Quote: Originally Posted by bozebuttons Its better and lasts longer then a minute Yeah, I've no doubts about that either!
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    Quote: Originally Posted by 1UP I hear you, buddy. Now, what condition are your AD-2000s in? They're in pretty good condition but the shiny silver ring on the cups have a little bit of corrosion like thing forming on them cause its magnesium. A little bit of cleaning should get...
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    I guess the E5C's and HD-650s would have to stay.....They mean alot to me even though they may not be the best sounding in my stash....
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    Oh, and damn, I just lost my dual flange tips for my E5c's........That means gym session without music... T_T
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    Quote: Originally Posted by omegaman I bet you will be ordering a pair of HF2's before the end of the week. ( If you haven't already !!!! ), There is no escaping Head-fi.... That's really mean of you! And I was clicking around on TTVJ ( I seriously don't know how I ended up...
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    Quote: Originally Posted by El_Doug Sounds like youve already caught the bug again, and youre showing the first symptoms I hope you start enjoying the music again! Seriously, I don't know. Its been a while since I came onto headfi and I've received a couple of interest...
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    The Worn Out Head-Fi'er

    I vividly remembered back then in the summer of 2005, I fell in love with this Headphone affair. Excited and monetarily depreived, I had to say it was the most exciting stage of getting into this hobby. However oxymoronic it may sound; but trying to save up by all means and finally being able to...
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    Best Looking Headphones

    Or this........
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    Best Looking Headphones

    These 2 cans get my top pick!
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    Grado SR60 vs RS1. Ten times better? | Edit: BOUGHT RS1

    Precisely why this hobby is so screwed up. Look at the number of cans I got there and I can say non is technically superior over the other even when say the L3000 costs so much more than say a HD650....Its just different sound signatures. IMO, this hobby cannot be measured in the Price...
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    Green L3000

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    Got my Dynaudio MC 15 ("the high end multimedia speaker") - review

    Btw, I'am curious as to how you connect the sub to the MC15. Does it have 2 RCA ports for u to plug the speakers into? I'am thinking of adding a sub for my MC15's and am considering the 250 sub by dynaudio...
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    Paypal Legal Issues

    Hmmm, lets I'am in country A and MR X is in country B. I saw an ad on product Q by MR X and decided to buy it. So I payed MR X the money through paypal and waited for a long time yet I don't see what I get. Would it be possible to take legal actions against say MR X even if we're living in...
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    American Craftsmanship?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bizzel If HD650s started falling apart, people would be up in arms but because it's Grado and we have a nice little image of them being a small company, it's somehow more acceptable? Hey, Yamamoto Soundcraft started small as well and still is small. In...