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    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Hi all. So I'm rocking the Andromeda IEMs and have no issues with sound but the fit with my outer ear causes discomfort. Can anyone recommend a company that could do custom fit tips that work with the IEMs, preferably in the US? Any help would be great. Thanks -Mr. Poopy-shaped ears
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    [Sold] Sennheiser IE800 IEMs w/ Mic Cabl

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paypal. I'll cover UPS shipping and Paypal fees. PM me for any questions or details - DON'T RESPOND TO THIS THREAD. *Note Only ship to US Lower 48 states. NO 3rd party oversees shippers
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    [WTB] Cable MrSpeakers to 2.5mm balanced connection

    Looking for a cable that goes with my Aeons. Nothing outrageously expensive. PM me with pics and price. PP payment Goods and Services Thanks
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    [WTB] Sony MDR-1A Limited Edition

    I'm looking for these. Need to be great to mint condition . USA shipping .. PM me with pics and we can go from there . Thanks
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    Sony MDR-1A - Sony's latest update on the 1R

    Anyone have a line on a pair of the limited edition 1As? I can't find them on eBay or anywhere. Also, does the standard 1As accept balanced connection with just a cable swap?
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    WTB Fiio Amp Module AM2A

    Looking for one of the new AM2A modules. PM me with the offer. Thanks.
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    FS: Fostex TH-900 Limited Edition Green (2 months old) SOLD

    I just have to say that those are absolutely beautiful. GLWTS!
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    Is it still available? Is it latest gen ver1.5? How the sound with Aeon? Does it come with USB 3.0 to USB C adapter?
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    WTB Sony MUC-B12SM1 Cable For MBR-Z7 or Other Short HIFI Cable

    I'm looking for a shorter cable for my MDR-Z7s and I'm interested in the Sony MUC-B12SM1 but I'm also open to other cable manufacturers like Blue Moon Cables. Send me a PM, with photos if possible, as well as a price and we can go from there. Have a good day!