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  1. LH labs GOV2+ Infinity

    Local pick up in Santa Clara, CA available as well; I'll take some pictures shortly: 2nd owner, works perfectly, but the body has scratches and graphics are faded. I have the box but not the foam insert (though I will pack very safely if shipped - I'd like to stay within the CON US).
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    SF Bay Area mini meet May 2nd 2015 (CanJam after party!!!!)

    Sorry!!! Please knock me off the list and give my spot to somebody - just saw that I have a family function that weekend.... (Bummer!!! Wanted to potentially try out that code-x!!!
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    SF Bay Area mini meet May 2nd 2015 (CanJam after party!!!!)

    I'd be down to bring some equipment if there's still room available... I have: Herus+ (W/ cck to connect to iPhone) SCHIIT bifrost UBER gen 2 usb Cavalli EHHA Rev. A rebuild by Corey at solderworksaudio Hd800 Pendulumic stance s1 Thanks Randy
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    CanJam Music Appreciation Contest

    Ahmad Jamal "The Awakening" beginning to end!
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    After a "stupid" amount of buying and selling, I'm VERY content with my iPhone 6+ (onkyo App) to CCK to Herus+ to my HD800 (modded stock cable for more options) or UERM Just let my leckerton UHA6 MKII with 4627-b (I think it is) go but the Herus+/leckerton combo was a great pairing IMO with...
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    Glove Audio A1 jacket DAC Amp for AK120

    Quick question (as I don't recall the glove being able to do this from when I had it for a brief period of time) but can the glove be used as a portable USB DAC/amp when connected to a laptop? Moreso to have a portable balanced unit when on the road. Last I checked it couldn't be used as such...
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    Not sure if I'm two thousand and late, but ebay/buydig(??) has ak120 Titan with 2x 64gb micro as cards for $829 shipped CONUS
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    Glove Audio A1 jacket DAC Amp for AK120

    I'd be interested to know if the dac/amp of the A1 is different (or the implementation of the dac/amp) than that of the Hifi-m8 LX - of course the sexy form factor wouldn't be there using an AK1?0 with A1 but on another hand, you would get the versatility of being able to use both ak vs ios...
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    Official 2014 SF Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread

    OOOOHHHH I forgot about the best part of the Stance S1's - Battery life.  Despite being able to be used passively (corded/no battery needed),  Internal battery lasts ~12 hours, however it also has the capability to use 2 "AAA" batteries - so if you have rechargeable eneloops, you can have a butt...
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    Mezzo Hifi - New AK120/AK100 Mods (WM8741 in software mode)

    Yes - I've been rotating all 4 of of my headphones and CIEM for the past week straight out of the MS AK120.  To me, they all sound excellent (I'm kind of an EQ whore so I use the PRO setting on the AK120).  To my ears (using the UE11) there is no hiss (only if hiss is present in the recording...
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    Official 2014 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 19, 2014, DoubleTree San Francisco Airport

    I'd like to make a quick edit to my gear -   Mezzo Soprano AK120 (dual 8741 in software mode w/dual filters + balanced out (however no cable available for balanced out though apparently it is the same cable used for Hifiman Balanced Out)   (Schiit Bifrost Uber w/USB & Cavalli EHHA Rev. A...
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    Mezzo Hifi - New AK120/AK100 Mods (WM8741 in software mode)

    Thanks so much Anak! Look forward to more impressions from other users... Curiosity is killing this cat before I pull the trigger and mod my ak120
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    Mezzo Hifi - New AK120/AK100 Mods (WM8741 in software mode)

    Hey Anak - Just checking to see if you had any brief impressions re: your Mezzo Modded AK100 or 120??  I just picked up a 120 and am uber tempted - but feel like I'd be walking on blind faith.  (Also if you could possibly give a quick note re: battery life and if it's generally the same as the...
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