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    DX1000 vs. W5000

    sounds like the dx1000 is probably more my cup of tea, im just worried that its bass will OVERWHELM the rest of the spectrum. i like bass but not enough to sacrifice the highs or mids for it
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    Most Comfy Closed Cans?

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    Screw it! I did my searching...NEW PHONES!

    you arent getting 'clean' (analytical?) flat sound with any of the a-xxx. i would look at another can
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    Most popular headphone of the moment!

    do ibuds still sell for obscene amounts on ebay?
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    Is Audiophile level sound an acquired taste?

    for some reason with a higher end system, for me sometimes the 'sound' overtakes the music, meaning i can listen to anything and marvel at the quality of sound regardless of the material. like how people will watch, say, "national geographic" on an hdtv simply because they like the image quality...
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    Portable Headphones for Destructive Dad?

    sorry but px100s are pretty flimsy. the portapros are made with a metal band and are pretty solid for the most part, though the drivers sometimes like to get knocked off their 'clips'
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    OPPO 970 w/ Denon AH-D5000: DarkVoice 337 or Singlepower Extreme?

    sorry, i dont meant to hijack, but how do D5000s fare with a barebones ppx3
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Here are a few semi-old ones...
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    Digital SLR

    Nah. The 18-70mm kit lens from Nikon is a good lens for its price, and all things considered it makes a great backup lens when you finally move on to something of higher quality (if you do.)
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    The "I hate waiting for parcels" thread.

    woot a900ltd and w10vtg in!
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    The "I hate waiting for parcels" thread.

    I'm still waiting for the A900ltd and w10vtg that jjcha let me borrow. I cant wait to review them... if they dont arrive by tuesday mark my words, HEADS WILL ROLL
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    Happy Birthday grawk!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday grawk!
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    Review: The Who - Live at Leeds Deluxe vs. 1995 Remaster vs. MFSL audiophile master

    After owning the Live at Leeds 1995 MCA remaster (14 tracks) and the NFSL remaster of LAL for a while, I figured I would purchase the "Deluxe" edition from Amazon -- it includes the previously unreleased live Tommy material. I popped it in, and to my surprise the Deluxe sounded considerably...
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    The Ultimate Who Thread!

    Hello everyone! Let's start a thread in dedication to the most energetic, powerful classic rock band in the history of the universe! THE WHO! What album is your favourite? When, if ever did you first experience them in their live glory? Which member do you most admire? Are The Who the best...