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    purchased some ibm 5998 tubes. very patient, transaction took awhile due to customs but he was a trooper and held out for the precious tubes. enjoy. thanks
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    F/S Etymotic ER4p

    withdrawn for now
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    F/S: p300, tubes, power cables, etc.

    i will ship it... just said i prefer not to. prefer or not I want it sold!! ; )
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    F/S Northstar m192 mk1

    this is still for sale bump
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    F/S Northstar m192 mk1

    bump, price dropped. great sounding dac.
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    F/S original headphile ebony hhf1

    bump, price dropped.
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    James purchased my rs1 recently. Great buyer, patient, and prompt with payment. Consider him a great buyer. Thanks again.