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    Bump - I've had some interest but still here collecting dust Some pics are here: Index of /~millercv/headfi Feel free to make an offer if you are interested.
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    GTA 4 Special Edition for 360 Sealed - $55

    PM replied and sale on one of them pending. Act quick before the last one is gone!
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    GTA 4 Special Edition for 360 Sealed - $55

    Happened upon a deal this morning and figured I would check here before listing them on ebay to pass the savings onto you! Anyway I've got a few GTA4 Special Editions for the Xbox 360 - all in new sealed condition. They come with a metal lockbox, Rockstar duffel bag, book, CD, keychain and...
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    Touch 2.0 Line Out changes?

    I've got a Pocket Dock but I'm not getting anything out of it. Anyone use a line out with the new touch yet? Edit: I'm wondering if it might have the same connector as the iphone as opposed to the original touch because of the speaker and my LOD doesn't support the iPhone...
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    Bought an iBasso D2-Boa from kaldaim. Great communication, quick shipping and as described - Couldn't ask for more! Recommended!
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    FS: PS2 HD Loader and Network adapter (and PS2) - added xbox stuff 4/22

    Ok next up I got out all the Xbox stuff - I am the original owner of this system and it has always worked well. Includes sytem, 4 controllers, PS2 controller to Xbox adapter, 12 foot component cable, live audio adapter and a gamecom speaker, a memory card and a USB to xbox controller...
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    FS: PS2 HD Loader and Network adapter (and PS2) - added xbox stuff 4/22

    HD Loader and PS2 Network Adapter/HDD connector for the original PS2. This is the original pressed "real" HD Loader. It allows you (in conjunction with the HDD adapter and your own Hard Drive) to copy your games to the internal hard drive to load them faster and avoid having to change discs...
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    WTB: Crumpler $ Million Dollar Home bag

    Looking for a Crumpler million dollar home camera bag and figured I would check here. Probably a 4 or bigger would work best but if you have one lying around let me know! thanks! -Chris
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    James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs - Reduced 11-1

    One last reduction before ebay
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    FS: Rio Volt CD/MP3/WMA w/ Remote, AC, Case

    Was going to list this on ebay but figured I would give it another try with a lower price first...
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    FS: Gamecube, Games & Accessories Lot

    Sold the GBA player separately - removed it from lot and reduced price!
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    lowered prices!