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    Clip+ Mod for More Bass Control and More Inner Detail

    Oh, but it's really easy....just open the Clip+ as per instructions online:   and then as you can see from pictures 11 and 12, the headphone jack has three solder their pictures...
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    Clip+ Mod for More Bass Control and More Inner Detail

    Gentlemen,   Wow...have not been on here for a long, long time, probably five or six years. Quick "credits": I used to own a ***load of cans, starting with Grado SR-80s, Audio-Technica Hokkaido "woodies" (forget the model number), through Sennheiser HD-600's, Etymotic ER-4P's, Grado RS-1's...
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    A great tipfor you Stax SR202/303 and 404 owners

    ...Cap'n. Regards, Matt
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    A great tipfor you Stax SR202/303 and 404 owners

    ...I dunno much about the power supply particulars, but after this: (unbelievably good difference for small change) I certainly believe it is quite probable that a better PS will make the whole fuggin' amp better. Antness says it's...
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    A great tipfor you Stax SR202/303 and 404 owners

    Gee, I really hate to rub it in, but I purchased my pair from AudioCubes a few months ago and even though I haven't been able to use them (*still* waiting for KGSS from Antness, have no other amp), one of the best features of these "new" 404's is that they are absolutely squeak-free! Stax has...
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    DIY Creek power supply?

    ...on this thing to say that after having listened to it for a while now, it is truly an insanely worthy upgrade. In fact, if you're buying or have bought a Creek phono preamp or headphone amp (that doesn't already have the OBH-2), just go get one now! The headphone amp part has been...
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    Creek OBH-11 Test Results (OBH-1 vs. Elpac)

    ...Tangent, Fewtch, others and I had a whole thing on the WM-080 with the OBH-8 in the Do-It-Yourself forum where Tangent specifically said to go for the WM-080, as it is a linear (non-switching) regulated power supply, therefore less noisy. There are other 24V Elpacs which have higher mA...
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    WTB: HD600 or HD650

    Would like to know used prices on these, am willing to accept cosmetic flaws, just looking for a good deal. Thank you, Matt (an old-timer here...have been away getting an education, getting married, etc...)
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    Mix-in for work headset

    Hello, all. I KNOW (!) this is only somewhat head-fi oriented, but think of this as helping a fellow listen to good jazz at work where he otherwise could not... I have a plantronics headset and a problem! I need someone with some EE or general tinkering background to help me out, if...
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    Reccomendations for a college student

    Dude -- ur in college. Get some Grado SR-60's and be done with it. I used to have Omega II's and a KGSS and in many ways I liked these just as much, even unamped. U can save $20 more, the ramen noodles thing for a week. U da man.
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    Sonic Impact from Sonic Impact

    For some reason, a few Sonic Impact T-amps showed up on the site last week at $39, and knowing the current short supply, I bit. Ended up being $45 shipped (vs. say $30 shipped from a $20 discounter). The nice thing is that for the extra $15, I got those cardboard SoundPax speakers and a...
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    Decent DIY input switch design?

    What is the difference between "shorting" and "non-shorting" switch? It looks like the four pole/five position switches are "shorting," vs. the 4 pole 3 positions which can be non-shorting. Any idea what is best? - Matt
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    Decent DIY input switch design?

    Actually, what I plan to do (oh yeah, thanks for the info so far!) is hardwire cat5 to the unit's end, then do custom ends where I must (the tt will take RCA, the piano will take mono 1/4" plugs, the CDP will take RCA and the computer will be miniplug. This way, with a few extra solder joints, I...
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    Decent DIY input switch design?

    Hello, all. I am interested in building an input switcher. I need at least four stereo inputs and would prefer a high-value but not high-cost solution for this. Small is best, so long as it doesn't interfere w/sound quality. I will be switching between turntable, CDP, digital piano and...
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    LAPTOP FS : Sager NP-8790 LOADED!!

    (Unsolicited comment I have personally seen this very laptop and it's gorgeous. No doubt a great deal from gsferrari, representing significant savings on a seriously fast system. - Sir mister Matt