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    Corda Symphony info and impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by milkweg And the only ignorant ones here are those that think a headphone amp is actually worth $1700.00+. Perhaps. But this particular amp seems to cost $1310, and it includes a formidable DAC and preamp. While DAC's can be had for anything between $50...
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    Any Type/Brand of LCD Monitor I Should Avoid?

    I don't follow this nonsense about brand X being poor in Y. There are not that many panel types out on the market, so eventually it comes down to how well the manufacturer(s) tweak the end product. I'd suggest finding reviews in which a proper color calibration/measuring tool is used - tom's...
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    WTB: 2xOPA627AP + Browndog adapter

    As per topic, I wish to try these out with my Spitfire. Local price of ~30€ (each!) is a bit over the top.
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    Reducing the gain of an Encore?

    Alright, I peeked inside to check the resistors' values. 102R's are used for low gain, 473R's for high. The pot is a 10K one. I remember reading something about bypassing the resistor(s) to achieve unity gain... would that work in this case?
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    Grado SR325i WITH FLATS: need opinions ;)

    While I've grown fond of the 325i's, the pad choices are driving me insane: Flats: emphasis on bass and lower mids, which sometimes drown out details in the upper range. Believe it or not, but the 325s are actually quite forgiving with these pads, propably due to the tamed highs. Bowls...
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    MS-1 upgrade poll

    Having just upgraded from a pair of SR-125s to SR-325i's, I'd imagine the MS-2i's would be a pretty good choice. These do weigh a bit more, but at least the ones with the wider headband - which is all I've tried - are just as comfortable as the SR-125s. Then again, I'm using flat pads instead of...
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    22/20 AWG litz braided SPC. I can't say I'm a fan. I can't quite put a finger on it, but it feels as though the lower mids have been sucked out. And that's compared to some tasker C850 (2x24AWG SPC), which is less 'bumpy' than mogami neglex, for one. Now, what to try next.
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    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patu Someone should notice halcyon about this. He has lots of stuff I want to audition. I sent him a PM some days ago after I noticed he had posted here after a lenghty hiatus. No response so far. I'll try to organize an equipment list tonight. I'm...
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    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Ask and ye shell receive! 1.4. it is. Now to decide on a time of the day which suits everyone. I was thinking around 12:00?
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    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Nope. Since the meets aren't that common, I prefer a date which works for everyone. Anyway, I hadn't posted an update yet because I'm not 100% sure if the 1st of next month is suitable for me. I should know in a day or two.... will keep you posted.
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    would like to know dB level of my headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by hehe Can someone tell me if an amp works because of reason 1 or 2 that i said before? Or maybe there is another one? Either way does this mean you have to put your soundcard at a very low volume when using one? Does the output of the amp have to be higher...
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    Thanks to greenhorn, I have bowl pads for my SR125s again. Great seller in every aspect!
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    Foobar 0.9 out!

    Quote: Originally Posted by uzziah what the **** did they improve? That's a good question actually. To me, 0.9 feels more responsive. And I like the toned-down preferences in a way. But as long as there's no ASIO output plugin, it's as good as useless to me.
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    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    In retrospect, I agree. At the time I figured people would notice the link in my sig.
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    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Well, this thread has been up for almost two weeks now. Not exactly last minute news. I suppose I should have highlighted the dates I mentioned in the first post.