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    Texas Meet (Saturday, March 10th, 2012) [Location Inside]

    I would love to attend this meet up if it ends up being in Austin.    I haven't have anything of interest to bring either.
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    Are the HF-2/650/701 the Headphone Trinity?

    I tire of the ES7's quickly as well and i've been thinking of selling them for a while but never really wanted to let them go. back to the original topic Brighten posted something about a trinity a while ago "Flame me if you will, but every time I see the Senn, AKG and Grado trio, I always...
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    AKG 702 burn/break-in OK with just iPod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by carledwards Why not just listen to music on them until you feel they're "burnt-in?" That way, you get the best of both worlds! That's what I do! Everyone has their own burn in rituals (or none at all). Do whatever you like.
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    Headphone and hats

    my friend manages to wear a helmet over his portpros. I havent found a way to do the same with my grados. Hear in texas we don't really have a reason to wear a hat for warmth so I don't really have much other advice.
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    Should headphone companies recommend various amps for their headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nwkid178 If companies recommended an amp, it would end up being all about money, and marketing I think. I would rather read on head fi and similar forums and see what other actual customers recommend based upon how they use the phones/what type of music they...
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    Should headphone companies recommend various amps for their headphones?

    There would also be problems where ymmv kicks in. People probably won't take it too well when they blow all that money on the recommended set up and then don't like it. Though I don't really see that happening too often, but when it does, the unhappy tend to be very vocal about their slights...
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    Any word on samson SR850!

    wow those look almost exactly like AKGs. I've never heard of them though. copy possibly?
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    outlook of this site

    Searching for and finding what you are looking for is really too difficult. I can see how that can be alleviated somewhat by standardizing post titles with some nomenclature for reviews and such so that searching for those will be easier to find. Thats really all I would like to have fixed.
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    The best bang for buck headphone

    Portapros and Grado SR60s
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    looking for new set of open ear phones

    Quote: Originally Posted by SaxonFSU are the ms-1's acoustically accurate? like good for mixing in the studio? I know a student (college) recording engineer that uses ms1i's for recording. He claims its great for the initial recording of live performances. They are said to be...
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    Ear Pollution Billionaire

    They look a little silly...kinda like skullcandies.
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    Help! I'm indecisive.

    Quote: Originally Posted by rayk ATH-ES7 are a nice set of cans for portable use, I don't think they are comfortable enough for long sessions though - like all day. So if you want something to spend lots of time in I wouldn't recommend them (and you need to flex the band a bit when you...
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    Could something I read on Head-Fi actually be Urban Legend?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Yes, it is there. Awhile back, someone did frequency sweeps of the K-501. Not only is there bass, but it goes surprisingly deep. Just because it doesn't sound like a $29.99 PepBoys subwoofer rattling your trunklid, that doesn't mean it has "bad"...
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    ATH-AD700 Uncomfortable...what instead?

    By the looks of the arm thingies, they should rest on your head the same way. As for the shape of the cups and the pressure they put on your face, I have no idea.
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    Before you buy headphones: A hopefully helpful guide for newbies

    just had a "why did it take so long for someone to do this?" moment. great work. I wish I had heard Uncle Erik's advice earlier. Oh, the better part of a month spent here, the same month my grades tanked.