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    New Release----Mixcder Wired Earbuds X5 Tests and Reviews Start now

    I usually ask for two weeks for reviews, except for ultra high end($1000+) gears(I ask for a month for these). If I purchase the equipment myself, I usually take about a month, or even longer.   If you need a review quickly for a new product, I suggest sending out pre-production prototypes for...
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    Review by 'kimvictor' on item 'Wired Earphones, Mixcder X5 In-Ear Earbud Headphones Metal Housing with Mic, Noise Reducing for 3.5mm Audio Output iPhone and other Smartphones - Blac'

    Introduction   It has been a while since I published a review on Head-fi. For the last few years, I’ve been occupied writing reviews for higher end IEMs for another website. Nevertheless, I was recently approached by a representative from Mixcder, asking me to join a group of reviewers...
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    New Release----Mixcder Wired Earbuds X5 Tests and Reviews Start now

    Had about 10hrs of use on the X5s. Here's a brief impression. A full, more developed one will be published with a week.   Decent extension in sub bass. Rumble is pretty decent, and mid bass has a significant boost, enough for me to consider the X5s basshead level. On the bright side, the bass...
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    Fidelio X2's Broken?

    Personally a fan of PM3. If you're fan of neutralish sound, you'll find the PM3s to be better. Even techinically speaking, PM3s are pretty good(we have some in-house measurements of the PM3s that hasn't been published) as well.
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    How to solder a headphone cables?

    Well make sure you're not shorting the wires. If uninsulated wires touch, the whole system is shorted. If wires aren't shorted and the soldering was done properly, the headphones should work, unless the drivers themselves are broken. If the cables are detachable, check with a new cable and make...
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    Question regarding sale or buy headphone, amplifier between Canada and US

    Keep in mind that the tax rate might differ with different prices too. For instance, you could probably get by the taxes with $300 headphones, but not with $1000 headphones.
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    Noob help

    1. There are headphones with more supple and flexible wires. Rigid wires tends to creat most "touch noise". Or IEMs with ear guides(wires going behind the ears) tend to have much less touch noise compared to IEMs that are worn straight down. Or of course, you could buy wireless headphones or...
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    Computer power-related noise issue with active monitors

    There are filters made for noisy USB jacks. Here are few companies that makes them: Audioquest, Schiit, and ifi audio.
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    Oh look, another new guy with an iPhone 7 question...

    Frankly, I can't tell. All I can tell you is that I don't believe the Advanced DAC's SNR is correct. 122SNR? I am willing to bet that it's not true. The DAC chip they used are probably speced at 122, but it's not fair to say that a product as 122SNR because the chip it uses has a spec of 122SNR...
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    Question regarding sale or buy headphone, amplifier between Canada and US

    Depends really.   According to NAFTA, many goods made in USA or Mexico are duty-free when entering Canada. Second hand goods are taxable, although you won't have to pay the tax for the full price, but the price you've purchased them at(or whatever the "fair" market price for that good is)...
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    How to solder a headphone cables?

    Honestly, any solder would work. Some really high end cables use silver solder, but I really don't see much purpose in that.    Try your headphones with a different cable. If it doesn't work with another cable, it's probably internal wiring or the jack that has issues. If the cables aren't...
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    Looking for a headset with specific functions

    Just clarify few things: 1. You're looking for headset, on ears, right? Not full sized headphone or IEM. 2. I don't quite understand what you mean by plug in microphone? Are you looking for headsets with a built in microphone?
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    Strange Issues with Fiio K1 DAC

    I think K1 automatically mutes output when there is silence(like when you're changing tracks) and unmutes when there is sound. So what you're hearing is K1's amp turning on an off.    Not sure if it's faulty, but this pop sound is common amongst amps. Most higher end amps have a delay in start...
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    Would a FiiO A3 or E10K be a good fit for me and my MA750i? (new to amps)

    Firstly, I would take the SNR measurement on GSM arena with a huge grain of salt. Some of their measurements don't seem to be accurate compared to measurement done with more professional gear(like dScope).    On the other hand, the Nexus 7 never was a good sounding tablet(I have one myself)...
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    Fidelio X2's Broken?

    Have you tried using the same gear with another headphones(at the exact same volume level). I suspect clipping. Try setting the volume level on your first source to 80(and the DAC, if DAC isn't your first source), and controlling the volume from the last part of your audio chain(amp). If this...