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    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    Glad to hear that these worked out for you, Azat! Mine are fifty hours in, had a listen, these are indeed airy and bright, nice, still a bit sibilant, though.
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    TDK IE800 Dual High-Performance Dynamic Micro-Drivers IEM

    Can't you cancel the order before they ship? Either way, that is still much cheaper and I hope you get a pair soon. Then you can compare them to the RE262, perhaps. :P
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    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    Now I am getting a bit worried as I have a pair of these on the way. Hopefully they'll arrive next week. Funnily enough I have an unopened XBA-1 in the drawer. The plan is to only open them if I don't like the vsonics, otherwise they are goung back. As far as burn in, I did have sets with out...
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    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    This is the burn-in patrol!  Put your phones down, and step away from your source!!    Leave them playing overnight a little louder than you usually do, and check back here tomorrow for impressions!      Boomy bass and some harshness usually disappear after the drivers have...
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    Sennheiser CX985 Review

    Thank you for the very well written review. An observation: I found the text between the pictures harder to read as I kept referring to them only to find they did not pertain specifically to what was written (take it for what it's worth, not much). :-p  I had my eyes on these for a while...
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    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    Hey ClieOS, just posting to say thanks for your continuing efforts and contributions to the head-fi community. 
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    IEM after gr06

    I believe you can find them at a reasonable price here:    
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    VSONIC VC02 Thread

    Quote:   This made laugh, it's funny because it's true. Either way, I subscribed for impressions. 
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    REVIEW: Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII

    Thank you for the review!    Does amping produce any significant improvements?   nice pics BTW!
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    The discovery thread!

    This is where I ordered mine from:   Arrived in a record 5 days time :D   burning in away now...
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    Anyone have experience with the new "Pro-ject Head Box S"?

    I have been looking into this amp and I also have a pair of HD 598's. If the Head Box SE II specs apply (I believe they do), this amp won't be suitable for these headphones, as it goes against the 1/8 rule. Which means it has too much output impedance to power the 598's (55 ohms): it is 30...
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    List of Current Mid-Fi Closed Back Circumaurals?

    Quote: I didn't know that. Also I didn't mention the 80's because they are on-ear, if I'm not mistaken.   So, only the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 ($200) could be added to the list .
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    List of Current Mid-Fi Closed Back Circumaurals?

    I believe you are forgetting the V-Moda Crossfade LP (~200$)
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    Mid-fi Shootout - HD600 - HD598 - Focal Spirit One - Philips Fidelio L1

    Very interesting, detailed and documented article. Thank you for sharing. It should prove especially helpful for new audiophiles looking to make the jump to mid-fi. I don't know what you think about AKG headphones, but I would love to see the likes of them added to your experience and/or...