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    Living in Boston?

    How much are you looking to spend? Boston is not cheap. I was paying $600 a month for a room in a 3 bedroom apartment in Southie - not exactly the nicest neighborhood.
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    MI Company Fires Workers for Smoking During Off-Hours!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by fyrfytrhoges and i can tell you this, after working healthcare for the past 12 years, that the hospitals are not crying crocodile tears that people get sick from smoking. especially if you have insurance, just a fact of the capitalist society in which we live...
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    MI Company Fires Workers for Smoking During Off-Hours!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by fyrfytrhoges many fire departments i have applied for make you sign a document stating that you do not smoke prior to interviewing you for a position. and that includes smoking while not on duty... I can sort of understand that. Your health is one of...
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    Oscar predictions

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel Why was Mel Gibson/Passion of Christ completely absent from any of the top award catagories? Didn't see movie but was one of the biggest box office sales in movie history and most critics were very positive in praising movie. Has Mel been...
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    Linux Distro Thread

    Count me as a Ubuntu convert. Now I LOVE Debian, but I found myself spending too much time just messing with things. I tried Ubuntu after hearing so many people gush over it and it comes closer than any other distro I've tried to "just working". In fact, the only thing I can think of right now...
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    BLOBFISH! King of the Ocean!

    Seeing as how the original blobfish thread got locked, I'll link to another thread along the same lines (including the infamous blobfish photo). more creatures from the deep
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    BLOBFISH! King of the Ocean!

    I'm pretty sure that is a monkfish. And yeah, they're really ugly.
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    Veggie Girl Strikes Again!

    Quote: Originally Posted by tradja I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. And now my rig is fun! Would this have anything to do with PETA's "meat is bad for male performance" ad campaign?
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    Computer Games

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    Oh I would like to participate.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by ooheadsoo Hey, do any of you anti walmart people buy any chinese made goods at all? Any malaysian made goods, thailand, etc? Goods made in africa or south america? You shouldn't be buying any of that stuff because of "exploitation." Too bad it ranges from...
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    Weird Pet

    Quote: Originally Posted by Budley007 I always wanted a "descented" skunk for a pet as a kid. Got a dog instead. (Parents can be so narrowminded.) When I found out that skunks actually make very good pets (sort of like a cross between a cat and a dog) I got really excited. Then I...
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    Linux users: how do you manage id3 tags?

    I've been ripping all of my cd's into FLAC files using Grip (it works and K3B doesn't name folders/files the way I like). But it seems that about half the time the id3 tags never get written, just the artist and title. So I've been going in and manually editing the id3 tags with EasyTag, but...
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    Which price comparison site do you use?

    Froogle and pricegrabber.
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    Good books to read

    Definitely Cryptonomicon. It's amazing.