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    Cheap portable headphones (nothing in ear)

    Another vote for the PX100. Good all around and comfortable. What type of music do you listen to? For pop/rock I like the Koss Porta-pro. They have a "fun" sound. But when I am listening to a mix of genres (classical Jazz, Pop, etc.) I prefer the Senns.
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    Best isolation for not too much cash?

    Quote: I'm puzzled by IEMS differing in isolation so much. I am not an audio engineer nor do I play one on TV! That said I suspect that achieving great isolation is like so many other endeavors - it takes 80% of the effort to get that last 20%. I know from personal experience that...
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    New Headphones

    What type of music do you listen to? Some phones do better with classical, others with rock, etc. A favorite of mine is the Etymotic ER6i. I think you can still find them for sale under $100. Accurate with a slightly inflated mid-range. But not the best if you are a "basshead". I switch out when...
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    IEM tips and your heartbeat.

    Interesting. A minute or so before I clicked on this thread I noticed a low frequency thump between cuts. First time I can remember hearing it. (With several years of iem use.) I realized it was my pulse before I finished reading the first post. I have had issues with microphonics and...
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    Earphones you can mow the lawn with?

    I have done many experiments looking for a lawn mowing solution. Early on I used some open phones just lying inside the cups of a David Clark earmuff. Not hi-fi but it did work - sort of. To minimize noise even a pair of Koss plugs will work and as long as you don't really "listen" they sound...
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    Need Help Deciding

    A few thoughts: 1) To me "noise cancellation" implies an active system that generates an out of phase sound wave to cancel external noise. These are good for "steady state" noises such as engine noise but have little effect on conversation or other irregular noise. I am not aware of any good...
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    Supra-aural headphone help!!!

    x2 Comfortable and you won't find a better set for the price. You can probably find them for around $35 if you are patient.
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    Shure E2C vs. IM616 vs. IM716 vs. ???

    Quote: I will be using them at the gym and other noisy places so having enough volume is a concern. An iem is basically an earplug. Even without music playing, if you have a good seal any sound will be very muted. All you need is enough volume for normal listening plus a bit. My first...
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    Portable 'Phones: PX100, PX200, PXC150 or PXC250

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mansize_tissue Which are more comfortable out of the PX100s and PX200s? I have not tried the PX200s but the PX100 rests lightly on my ears with just enough clamping force to hold them in place. My only complaint regarding fit is they are so comfortable...
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    Triple Flanges on ER6-i and E4c

    I found the ety double flange to be somewhat more comfortable than the triple flange. Enough so I did not try to modify the triples.
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    Koss Pro4AA - Would you recommend these?

    I remember borrowing 4As and later 4AA eons ago. They sounded great to me then but my experience at that time was more low-fi. The most lasting memory was the clamping pressure. The longest I could last was one album then at least an equal amount of time for the headache to go away. There are...
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    is the ipod the only GOOD alarm clock solution ?

    Krazr cell phone. Loud and annoying ring tone, and in a case so by the time I find it (not always in the same place like my alarm clock) open it and turn it off I am pretty much awake.
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    What was your first Headphone?

    The first decent phones I listened to were Koss Pro4a in the late 60's. I was in college so I couldn't afford them and spent what little money I could scrape together on a good turntable/cartridge combination then amps, speakers, etc. What I remember was how great the Koss sounded and the...
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    2nd set of headphones - recommendation request

    My only iem experience has been with ER-6i and JVC Marshmallows ($20). I had a problem with the Etys at first getting a comfortable fit. I called Etymotic customer service and asked for a sample pack of tips. I received a package about a week later with assorted sizes of double and triple...
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    North Alabama/ Southern-middle Tennessee?

    I live in Rome, GA - about 20 miles from the Alabama line. So depending on where and when I might be interested as well.